Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Hideous UN Travesty

As though more proof was needed that the United Nations, its minions and associated commissions represent an insult to rationality and democratic action. This world body whose function was to have been a universal representation for accommodating peace in the world, and ensuring that universal human rights be recognized as a basic right for all populations, has allowed itself to be turned inside out and owned by the very forces it was put together to vanquish from the world.

Those human-rights-abusing governments which violate the very tenets of human rights and cause untold suffering to their own populations are represented in positions of influence on the world body. They ensure, by their very numbers, that others like themselves are elevated to similar positions of influence through membership on various committees.

Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran, all countries which could stand as posters for corruption and the infliction of degraded misery on their populations - and for many of them the additional distinguishing marks of bloody slaughter in putting down insurrections - are supported by heads of countries whose own records are obviously deleteriously compromised.

Iran, a country known for its liberal use of the death penalty for political protesters, for 'enemies of the state', for torturing, raping and murdering homosexuals, apostates, women and men who protest their government's rule, remains a respected member of the UN. The country loudly proclaims its intention to destroy a neighbouring state, and no formal censure from the UN results.

And now the UN Economic & Social Council has voted to give an extension to Iran's membership in its Commission on Population & Development. It was removed months earlier from the board of a new agency of the UN whose purpose was to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women; another devious, laughable mismatch, but the wildly lunatic antics of UN members continues apace.

This is rationality and honest brokering gone amok, when a rogue country like Iran which defies UN sanctions brought against it for its defiance against the IAEA, in its determination to build unauthorized nuclear installations for the clear purpose of owning its own arsenal of nuclear warheads, can nonetheless be granted presence on various UN commissions.

While a country like Canada, which has finally broken with the General Assembly unspoken compact to never criticize any country - with the exception of the State of Israel - to call attention to Iran's dreadful human rights record, is denied a rotating seat on the temporary Security Council.

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