Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stealth Terrorists

Hopes are high that concerns over the possibility that some manner of violent disruption will not take place during the 2012 Summer Olympics taking place in London.  An expensive, elaborate, well-planned security system turned out to be an expensive, inadequate, ill-executed plan that will not deliver the kind of security that the British government entrusted to a global security outfit that failed miserably in its mandate.

To hugely augment the presence of those security personnel that would be on duty at the games from Friday onward, British military presence is seen at all the venues.  There are concerns.  It has latterly been revealed that during the 1972 Munich Olympics, the police were informed of the likelihood of an attack; they were, nonetheless abysmally unprepared.  One of whom lost his life after the abduction of the Israeli athletes and the subsequent death of eleven of the Israelis, in the Munich police response.

The State of Israel has legitimate concerns that, given the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, there is a high likelihood of another attack.  Particularly since Iran's proxy terror militia Hezbollah's al Quds group appears to have initiated another round of attempted assassinations. 

The fireball that erupted after a suicide explosion on a bus in Burgas, Bulgaria killing five Israelis, the Bulgarian bus driver and the suicidist himself giving good enough evidence.  The Mossad is on the alert now of the presence of "stealth terrorists"; of Arabs who disguise themselves as Europeans to throw off suspicion and identification.

This is meant to counter the "Islamophobia" profiling that leads to an alert when a young male of Middle East descent is seen in suspicious circumstances.  It appears that apart from a young European-appearing man who carried a heavy, wheeled rucksack ostensibly holding the explosive, there was an accomplice, and that man had the appearance of a Middle Easterner.

And that was the man who had attempted to rent a vehicle, proffering a suspicious-looking American driving license, which was refused.  It has also been hazarded by intelligence officials that the explosive device that was carried on to the bus holding Israeli tourists was not detonated by the man who died, but rather remotely, by his accomplice, and perhaps even without the bus rider's knowledge.

Furthermore, the forged driving license in the name of 'Jacque Felipe Martin' from Michigan has been identified as an area in Michigan with a large demographic of Arab Americans originally from the Shiite areas of Lebanon, from whence, of course, comes Hezbollah.  Fitting neatly into a recognized pattern relating to an earlier warning to Mossad that the Quds Force planned to utilize a western-appearing person as a suicide bomber.

The plot that unveiled itself in Bulgaria, it is now assumed, represents just one of a series of events, and represents part of a larger plan, including targeting the London Games for maximum impact.  Mossad, as a result, has alerted their teams in capitals around Europe with state-of-the-art telecom monitoring systems to clue in on Quds Force agents operating from Iranian embassies and safe houses.

That would, of course, include the Iranian Embassy located in Ottawa, a source as it is of great irritating and sinister-motivated intervention within Canada itself.  Israel is steeling itself for an attempted repeat of the terrorist attacks that marked the 1970s, inclusive of a 40-year repeat of the 1972 Munich Massacre.

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