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Islamic Jihad

"The forces of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza once published a statement saying that they could not be satisfied until all of Spanish Andalusia had been restored to the faithful as well."
"It was on September 11, 1683 that the conquering armies of Islam were met, held, and thrown back at the gates of Vienna."
"[That defeat of the Ottoman Empire and Islamic caliphate with it represented] a hinge-event in human history. [From that time forward] it was more likely that Christian or Western powers would dominate the Muslim world than the other way around."
Christopher Hitchens, The Guardian, October 2, 2001

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To Islamists it remains a profound humiliation, one that cries out for rectification in the most traditional ways of Islam, for correction, that it is the world of the West, non-Muslims, kuffars, Infidels, Crusaders who rule, not the Islamic ummah. Their failure to conquer and re-conquer Europe represents "a humiliation in itself and a prelude to later ones", according to Mr. Hitchens.

The one-time pastor to U.S. President Barack Obama, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, interpreted the carnage of 9/11 as a predictable and rightful 'protest' against imperialism, colonialism, that it was an attempt by the disadvantaged and the oppressed to register their "legitimate grievances". Since that time, despite the response to the gruesomely horrifying deaths of almost three thousand innocent people in a surprise attack of macabre presence, Al-Qaeda has spread itself worldwide.

It gained the admiration of other terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a huge percentage of Muslims living in the Western world who believe that violence of that kind committed by the forces of Islam is positive in advancing the cause of the world-wide Muslim faithful, the ummah. Submitting to Islam and to Allah is the one guaranteed way of preserving one's future. Or maybe not.

Since committed Islamist jihadists, if they are Sunni Muslims deplore the heretical view of Shiite Muslims and vice versa. And they are not averse to declaring their detestation of their fellow Muslims by committing them to the justice of death for those who forswear Islam forfeit their lives. And those who have never pledged themselves to Islam and continue to defy the opportunity to open their hearts to Islam, deserve to die.

"Jihad is our way", remains the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood. A well favoured member of NATO, Turkey, and oil-rich Qatar, fully support the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots, Hamas and Hezbollah, among other terrorist militias whose purpose is nothing but violent jihad. The Islamic Republic of Iran has presented the international community with a dilemma of how to control its nuclear ambition; ostensibly for peaceful civil purposes while all signals point to weaponization.

There is zero cooperation between the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which entity Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has placed in control of Iran's nuclear program and the International Atomic
Energy Agency. The IAEA has been tasked with the investigation of Iran's nuclear program and "the possible military dimensions" inherent in its drive to emulate the success of at least North Korea's stealth nuclear and ballistic missiles program.

All this, while the most powerful nation on Earth grapples with the threat of imperialistic totalitarian Islam, and its terror-hungry jihadist pestilence on the world body. With Washington emphasizing that ISIS/ISIL does not represent Islam. Somewhat akin, in reverse, to the third column in Canada where CAIR has renamed itself the National Council of Canadian Muslims and its executive director, Ihsaan Gardee excoriates Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for equating the barbarism of ISIS with Islamic jihad.

He takes exception to opinion pieces written by well-known Canadian journalists speaking of the threat to civilization of Islamist terrorism, claiming that "Muslims and Islam have co-existed with people of other faiths quite peacefully all around the world for centuries. It simply ignores the reality that innumerable acts of goodness are done in the name of Islam by its adherents". This last statement is a statement of fact and reality.

But goodness does not quite adequately describe an outfit like CAIR, with its Muslim Brotherhood associations and its covert operations within Western society. Mr. Gardee asserts that "some of the most effective allies in battling the hateful ideology espoused by violent extremists are those who devoutly practise their faith with a high degree of knowledge. They have helped shatter the veneer of religiosity promoted by violent extremists."

If they exist in numbers sufficient to turn around the current situation of rampant violent Islamism, their presence, pronouncements and successes have been well hidden from public scrutiny. Assertions that it is ignorance that compels Muslims toward violent jihad simply don't stand up to close study, since most of the most vicious terrorists have academic degrees, come from privileged backgrounds and yet choose the path of bloody inhumanity as a tool to deliver their message of empowered triumph.

Sayyid Qutb (Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈsæjjed ˈʔotˤb], Arabic: [ˈsæjjɪd ˈqʊtˤb]; Arabic: سيد قطبSayyid Quṭb; also spelled Said, Syed, Seyyid, Sayid, Sayed, Koteb, Qutub, Kotb, Kutb; 9 October 1906 – 29 August 1966) was an Egyptian author, educator, Islamic theorist, poet, and the leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1966 he was convicted of plotting the assassination of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and was executed by hanging.
Author of 24 books, including novels, literary arts critique and works on education, he is best known in the Muslim world for his work on what he believed to be the social and political role of Islam, particularly in his books Social Justice and Ma'alim fi al-Tariq (Milestones). His magnum opus, Fi Zilal al-Quran (In the Shade of the Qur'an), is a 30-volume commentary on the Quran.
During most of his life, Qutb's inner circle mainly consisted of influential politicians, intellectuals, poets and literary figures, both of his age and of the preceding generation. By the mid-1940s, many of his writings were officially among the curricula of schools, colleges and universities.[2]
Even though most of his observations and criticism were leveled at the Muslim world, Qutb is also known for his intense disapproval of the society and culture of the United States,[3][4] which he saw as obsessed with materialism, violence, and sexual pleasures.[5] Views on Qutb vary widely. He has been described by followers as a great thinker and martyr for Islam,[6][7] while many Western observers see him as a key originator of Islamist ideology.[8] Others in the West believe Qutb is an inspiration for violent groups such as Al Qaeda.[9][10][11][12] Today, his supporters are identified as Qutbists[13] or "Qutbi" (by their opponents, not by themselves).[1
Sayyid Qutb
Sayyid Qutb on trial in 1966 under the Gamal Abdel Nasser regime[1]
Born 9 October 1906 Mūshā, Asyut Governorate, Khedivate of Egypt
Died 29 August 1966 (aged 59) Cairo, Egypt
Ethnicity Egyptian
Era Modern era
Region Middle East
Jurisprudence Shafi'i
Main interest(s) Islam, politics, Quranic exegesis (tafsir)
Notable idea(s) Jahiliyyah, Ubudiyya
Notable work(s) Milestones, In the Shade of the Quran

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