Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Reality of Islam

"The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic."
"The notion that religious belief is a minor factor in the rise of the Islamic State is belied by a crushing weight of evidence that religion matters deeply to the majority of those who have travelled to fight [jihad]."
"[Not to be overlooked is that tens of thousands of Islamists] read the Koran attentively, and on certain matters, they occupy ground at least as solid as that of their opponents."
Graeme Wood, correspondent, The Atlantic
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Islamic State terrorist channels have released “how to” videos for would-be suicide bombers on their encrypted chat networks and public social media sites.
"The medieval view held that the world was divided into two arenas, dar al-Islam, the 'house of Islam", and dar al harb, the 'house of war'. The necessity of the armed struggle against the unbelievers was clearly indicated in the Qur'an, as in sura 22, verse 39, 'Permission is given to those [believers] who are fighting [the disbelievers] because they have been wronged. Surely God is able to give them victory!' Whether this was a defensive or offensive struggle mattered little because the resistance of people to Islam was often taken to be equivalent to an attack on Islam. The final goal of jihad must then be a world which has been brought under the control of Islam and is, by definition, peaceful."
"Underlying the idea of jihad is a unified Muslim community, the umma, which has the collective duty to expand Islam; this was to be done under the leadership or commission of the caliph. Expansionist wars were the responsibility of those who were charged with the task or those who chose to engage in them as a group; defending Islam, however, was a duty which fell on everyone who was capable. An expansionist war could not be undertaken without first issuing a call for the unbelievers to join Islam; should there be resistance to that call, then the war was justified. This notion of a unified community underlying the idea of jihad is crucial because it emphasizes the political [as opposed to religious] significance of the doctrine, certainly as it evolved. A caliph who issued a call for jihad was also asserting his legitimacy in the position of caliph."
". . . In medieval and modern times, in the absence of the caliph, the call for jihad acts as an assertion of authentic Muslim identity."
Muslims, their religious beliefs and practices, 4th edition, Andrew Rippin
Library of Religious Beliefs and Practices
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Islamic State response to Trump travel ban

This is Islam. Jihad is distinctly Islamic. Not Islamist. And all believers faithful to Islam are enjoined to engage in jihad. The purpose of which is clear enough. And it is a distinction that is repeatedly enunciated during prayer sessions when an imam leads a community in prayer, ringing out from mosque to mosque. It is often cited by good-natured non-Muslims who refuse to give any credence to the full purpose of Islam as a religion of political conquest, that this is simply figurative, but it is not; it is a call to action by all Muslims.

And while not all Muslims in the 1.4-billion umma dispersed around the world in the Middle East, central Asia, North Africa, Europe, North America and elsewhere are willing to actively engage in jihad, if they are faithful Muslims they support the concept. Put another way, an astonishing number of Muslims resident in countries of the West are in full support of violent jihad. The purpose is to persuade non-Muslims to recite the Shahada of 'There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger', thus transforming themselves into the company of the faithful.

As Muslims see it, there is no malice intended here. The opposite, in fact. In persuading non-Muslims to submit to Islam they are sparing them the hellfires of eternity. Becoming a Muslim translates to being welcomed to Paradise. Any non-Muslims uncouth enough to refuse to pledge to Islam are signing their own death sentence, since death is what accrues to those who insult god by denying his divinity through defying persuasion and inviting death.

Mr. Wood, Arabic-speaking scholar of Islamic history, a lecturer at Yale University and a book author, spent considerable time and effort in consorting with dedicated jihadis such as members of Islamic State, who made the effort to convert him, but failed. He travelled to Egypt, Australia, America, England and Norway, and wrote of his experiences. And what he wrote delineates the unwillingness of the West to recognize the reality that stares it in the face; that Islam is not benign, but a threat to the non-Islamic world.
Islamic State Telegram
Islamic State Telegram

Those that sound the claxon of alarm, warning of the threat posed to the civilized world by Islamist jihad, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, speak from within a soundproofed box of their anxieties and their knowledge and their experience, to little avail. The calls to cull from the West those vocal in their immunity from prosecution, proclaiming that Islam will soon rule wherever Muslims gather, to undermine the indigenous community's culture, politics, social structure and values remain unheard, ignored, their concerns tagged as intolerance.

Those whose skills in manipulating Western thought and reaction by using democracy's tolerance and propensity to find reasons in a society proud of its dedication to equality and protection of others' rights to excuse the destabilizing actions and challenges to decency and freedom by adopting the clever labelling of the Muslim Brotherhood accusing any critics of Islam as harbouring the dread pathology of "Islamophobia", while the Brotherhood incites Muslims to remember the Koranic indictment of infidels, kuffars and Jews.

Whatever jihadists can do to hasten the Apocalypse which will elevate the faithful to Paradise and relegate non-Muslims to the fire and brimstone of everlasting Hell is done out of love, not hatred. For Muslims love Islam, while the rest of the world is unworthy of existence while denying Islam. Just as Mohammad destroyed the Judaic tribes of Medina for refusing his invitation to leave Judaism and submit to Islam, so too must his followers follow faithfully in his example.

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