Friday, May 26, 2017

The Victimization of Islamofascists

"He did what he did in revenge, and in love for Islam."
"I think he saw children -- Muslim children -- dying everywhere and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge. Whether he got that is between him and God."
"But still, I never thought my brother would ever do this one day. Looking at how he was with us, we didn't expect him to do what he did."
Jamona Abedi, Tripoli, Libya
Salman Abedi become increasingly violent over the course of the past year
Salman Abedi become increasingly violent over the course of the past year -- The Telegraph News
No sentiments expressed deploring the horrible act of mass murder that her brother perpetrated on innocent people, many of them children. Just a defence of what he had done; that he was so furious over purported Western hostility and violence against Islam, resulting in Muslim children dying that he consigned himself to martyrdom whose purpose would be incomplete in currying favour with Allah, without sacrificing as many kuffars as possible in the attack that no one could possibly be prepared for.

The logic behind the cultural victimhood of Muslims at the hands of the West defeats intelligence. No thoughts, and no comparison to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslim Sunni Syrians at the command of the Syrian regime, but a stunning insistence that it is the West that is responsible for the deaths of Muslim children. The civil war in Syria has resulted in tens of thousands of Syrian families fleeing their country of birth, and attempting the hugely dangerous sea and land crossings to escape to Europe, and tragically dying in huge numbers, in the process.

Yet the nonsensical blame of outsiders for all the ills that Muslims themselves perpetrate on one another go unnoticed. Her brother, explained Jamona Abedi, had become increasingly violent in his attitudes in lock-step with his mounting anger over Muslims being under attack in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. In suggesting that the early April bombing of a Syrian military base by the U.S. being the catalyst that drove her brother to his deadly act, it is abundantly clear that reality eludes.

Salmon Abedi was born to violent Islamofascism. The entire household was steeped in connections to Islamist jihad, with father Ramadan a vital member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, banned in the U.K. In typical fashion, as he was growing into his teens and young adulthood Salman Abedi partied, drank, used pot. Until father Ramadan uprooted his family in 2011 for a return to Libya, to fight. Ramadan and 16-year-old Salman fought in Islamist groups against Gadhafi.

Yet when the revolution  was completed, Gadhafi murdered and chaos broke out all over Libya with competing tribal militias fighting one another over the spoils of command and looting, the family returned to Britain.  By 2012 friends of Salman attempted to alert authorities about their friend's growing militarism. Soon he immersed himself in fundamentalist Islam, wore Islamic dress, prayed in the street, reciting Qur'anic verses.

On May 17 he was in Tripoli, bidding au revoir to his parents before returning to Britain. Four days later he undertook the Manchester Arena attack after buying a knapsack and withdrawing cash from his bank account. He had rented a flat in Manchester, which he left about 7 p.m. and three-and-a-half hours later detonated his sophisticated bomb, slaughtering 22 people and  traumatizing the future of another hundred innocents.

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