Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Israel's Fault. It's Always Israel's Fault.

Palestinians voted in a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority. Because they were fed up with the corruption of the formerly Fatah-led Palestinian Authority which, under its indefatigably-vicious Chairman, Yasser Arafat, while assuring the Palestinians that their plight was uppermost in his mind, enabled his colleagues to do exactly as he was doing, taking charge of funds allocated by international donors to benefit the Palestinians, to the security of personal Swiss bank accounts.

Secular Palestinians saw what good work that the Islamist Hamas performed on their behalf. Dedicated to their needs by the actual example they set by establishing badly needed civic infrastructure and medical-health clinics, so they picked up the political option tendered them. Now terrified Gaza residents hide indoors as masked gunmen ply their game of hunting and murdering their ideological and religious antagonists.

"Do not leave us to die here", came the panicked and heartfelt plea of one beleaguered resident of Gaza, placing a call to a local radio station, begging Palestinian leaders to end the internecine conflict. But the masked terrorists had the neighbourhood in terrified thrall, plying their infantile game of picking one another off. Just incidentally shortening civilian life-spans, endangering the lives of schoolchildren and severely wounding other unfortunates.

Journalists are always getting it in the neck, of late. Be it in Iraq, Russia or Gaza. Fifty journalists were trapped in Gaza's main media centre, the building surrounded by gunmen, with some of those trapped in the building on the injury list. Better off, however, than the kidnapped and still missing BBC reporter, Alan Johnston.

Now, we're at another operational stage: "All options are open, including martyrdom operations", according to Abu Obeida, spokesman for the military wing of Hamas, in his reference to further suicide attacks against the State of Israel. For Hamas deliberately and with full intent to engage Israel in this sham conflict between 'brothers' barraged the town of Sderot with a hail of rockets.

And Israel responded, at the demand of its citizens, enraged at the casual targeting yet again of innocent Israeli civilians. Fairly transparent and easily recognized by any reporter covering the scene that the Hamas barrage was a ploy to provoke Israel into response for the Qassam rockets' success in injuring Israelis, in flattening a school.

Clumsy as a manoeuvre, but conceivably potentially encouraging in pulling Fatah and Hamas away from brotherly conflict to face the 'real enemy', the State of Israel.

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