Friday, May 22, 2009

Plot To Kill

Rather pathetic, the four alleged plotters. One with previous convictions for assault burglary, petty larceny. Another with 27 arrests on his conviction sheet, mostly for drug offences. A third, a crack-addict, sentenced on drug charges, claiming after his conviction he was on the road to reform. and the fourth an extremely violent psychopath who served sentences for drug and weapons possession. All of them incarcerated at one time or another in American prisons.

And, it would seem, all of them, during their incarcerations, found Islam attractive, through inmate interaction and exposure to the tenets of Islam, to the extent that each took on Muslim names and thought of themselves as Muslim, and visited a particular mosque in New York. Where, according to the imam there, they were not regulars, but occasional visitors. And where a stranger to the mosque, speaking of jihadist intrigues, openly sought conscripts to jihad.

And he found his eager conscripts in those four individuals; Laguerre Payen, a Haitian-born schizophrenic, James Cromitie, Onta and David Williams, all American-born. All petty criminals, more familiar with the seamy side of life than with the precepts of Islam, but willing to learn, equating Islam with the excitement of inciting to violence. All four committed to the imperrative of killing Jews.

These fanatical converts to Islamist jihad were willing associates of that mysterious jihadist from the mosque whom other mosque-goers steered clear of. He encouraged their jihad ambitions, helped them to plan their potential attack sites, and generally made himself very useful to these men. In the end, he enabled them to purchase 'explosives' and 'missiles'.

The explosives to be planted under vehicles parked beside a targeted synagogue, the surface-to-air missiles to be used to shoot down planes. Neither the explosives nor the missiles were useful, having been deactivated. For their enabler, the man who so successfully conscripted them into the jihad that so attracted them was an FBI agent.

The men are now charged with one count each of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States, and one count of conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles. These petty criminals, anti-Semites, and generally antisocial misfits of the first order have had their grand plans deflated, and now face prison. Again.

Where it's possible they'll be inducted into a more virulent type of jihadist cell, and on their eventual discharge will have no need of an FBI agent to stoke their interest and guide their intent. Will the FBI be charged with anything?

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