Sunday, June 07, 2009

Well, Not Quite

U.S. President Barack Obama, a very special individual at a very special time in history, representing a special opportunity has presented himself as one with a partial heritage and a particular sympathy for the Islamic religion, so dreadfully misunderstood and under attack by the West. If there is any misunderstanding, in fact, it is among the 'moderate' and misinformed Muslims who still cannot seem to understand that in brutally attacking other religions, societies and their countries, the response will not result in empathy and forgiveness over an unfortunate lapse in civility.

Attacks by fanatical Islamo-fascists claiming to be fulfilling the obligations of the righteously pious Muslims by indulging in suicide missions to challenge one another to greater atrocities and bloody annihilation are not designed to bring the West to a greater appreciation of Islam. Why this simple and explicable fact seems to elude Muslims is incomprehensible. Yet America which suffered a dreadful assault by fundamentalist Islamists is now offering mea culpas and an outstretched hand of understanding. Very civil, to be sure, but useful?

Only to the targets of the outstretched hand, who have taken great pleasure in interpreting the new direction of the United States as a certain sign of weakness, of partial surrender to the might of the jihadist terror on the psyches of the West. If their agenda and their purpose is to strike dread in the hearts of their enemies, to wreak havoc on institutions, to destroy as many lives as possible, why would a few kind words of readiness to talk as equals to achieve peace make any impression upon them?

To be sure, the immense numbers of moderate Muslims may appreciate the fact that the man sharing some of their heritage attributes recognizes their legitimacy as adherents to a religion that has seen social and political stagnation, understands their human needs. Some of the claims made in an attempt to engender a sense of appreciation have gone a tad beyond history in claiming that medieval Islam saved the great treasuries of human knowledge and traditions from disappearing. Wasn't it Irish monasteries that maintained and saved for posterity the vast realms of knowledge?

And to signal that the ancient biblical city of Jerusalem should be shared, its sacred sites of three religions held in trust by the United Nations as a way to keep it from being divided once again and kept off bounds for others than Muslims is to ignore the reality that under Israeli rule those sites in the Old City are open to all where previously Jews and Christians were forbidden entry to their holy sites. In claiming that "Islam is part of America", he overlooks the fact that American Muslims have raised millions in charitable funds for militant Islam.

When he stated that "Palestinians must abandon violence. Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and does not succeed. It is a sign of neither courage nor power to shoot rockets at sleeping children, or to blow up old women on a bus. That is not how moral authority is claimed; that is how it is surrendered", he was directly implying that Palestinians have been their own worst enemies, making it necessary for Israel to build that detested wall that has succeeded in protecting Jews, while at the same time he makes mention of Israeli checkpoints and border closings violating the human rights of Palestinians.

In equating the misery of the Palestinians in their severely straitened circumstances, he pushes up against the PA's Mahmoud Abbas who has declared that the West Bank Palestinians are in fine shape, he's prepared to sit back and wait until the U.S. has finally shoved Israel into submitting to the plan brokered by Saudi Arabia, which offers the normalcy of recognition (sans recognition as a Jewish state) at the price of accepting millions of Palestinian 'returnees', surrender of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and banishment of settlements. Sacrifices on one side, none on the other. Compelling?

What precisely does Israel gain? The International Atomic Energy Agency has just released a report indicating that Iran has stepped up its nuclear program, and that it suspects Syria of clandestinely operating its own nuclear program. Reuters has reported that Iran's uranium enrichment has resulted in its stockpile being boosted to 1,339 kilograms in the last 6 months from 500 kilograms. "There is now a forest of 7,000 machines. That's quite a lot, it's a very impressive pace, and they will be installing more which could mean 9,000 (soon)" according to a senior UN official.

"That makes it increasingly difficult to do the surveillance (to ensure no deviations for weaponry purposes). We are reviewing [the angles of the cameras, walking rules (for workers handling equipment), where things are being kept", the anonymous official stated. So President Obama's blandishments to these states, to the declared enemies of Israel's existence whose intent is to continue funding terror groups whose single purpose is the destruction of the Jewish state is for nil.

What now? An ongoing waiting game? How long? If Israel is struck, how long before other countries in the crosshairs of the jihadists? The European countries present as a fairly consistent goal, particularly given the European Union elections which have seen many European countries rejecting the socialist governments that have relaxed relations with Islamists, and bringing their 'far right' politicians into majority positions. We're to be patient and to stay tuned.

We're waiting, America, and so should you be, with bated breath and an alert intelligence.

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