Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Islamic Rejection: Islamist Radicalization

Amazing how countries of the West have permitted themselves to be transformed. It hasn't taken all that long, come to think of it. The last several decades, at most. With a steady migration of immigrants seeking to further their futures and those of their offspring, by taking advantage of opportunities and freedoms available to them in countries other than those reflecting their own heritage and place of birth.

Perhaps those immigrants did not understand that they would find the values and priorities, the culture and freedoms they would find in their welcoming new countries, quite representative of their own values. Instead, the degraded social mores they discovered to exist in the countries to which they had migrated ensured they would not wish to integrate fully. They would choose to separate themselves from what was so clearly offensive to them.

Religion, once so vital and important in societies of the West, now diminished in value. While the immigrants held their religion to be the very most important element of their lives. Their religion carefully delineated every facet of their lives. Beginning with their prayerful devotions, five times each day. Ending with their rejection of all that emanated from Western culture, with its distasteful promiscuities and its 'freedoms'.

France has its ghettos where authorities dare not intrude. They are places of poverty and disadvantage, as the immigrant populations do not merge with the larger society and French society at large has no wish to mingle with the immigrants. Crime is rampant since the youth are not gainfully employed in the banlieues, yet police fear for their safety should they enter the squalid and violent enclaves where torching vehicles is an angry sport.

Towns in Britain, like Luton, where Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly studied at Bedfordshire University and attended the Al Ghurabaa mosque appears yet another enclave of extremism from whence have come impressive numbers of jihadist faithful. MI5, Special Branch and the British Ministry of Defence have identified Luton as a "notable" centre for "extremist networks" in England's south.

It has become a spiralling menace. Recruiters seek out mentally unstable youth, or youth susceptible to the allure of adventure, violence, exciting and dramatic opportunities to express themselves as valiant warriors in Islam's vast army of dedicated martyr-assassins. When one person has been successfully radicalized, he sees it as his duty to seek out other recruits and indoctrinate others in the secret world of global jihad.

The options are various: travel to places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia or Iraq, and do battle with the infidel, the invaders, the oppressors of Islam. After having had the benefit of training in the various Saudi-funded jihadi training camps. Once that initial training has been completed, decamp to confront the enemy where it is assembled on Muslim soil, or return to the West.

Infiltrate, plan, assemble, and inflict as much damage as possible. Every assault is another triumphant green banner of success, irrespective of the damage done, for even failed attempts are successes. The intention, after all, is to give warning of what is to come. The instilling of terror in the minds of the enemy is the first order of business. All assaults on their security and peace of mind represent a success and a triumph.

If, in the prosecution of instilling terror, a sizeable number of deaths occur and representative installations destroyed, another facet of the mission succeeds. What is the sacrifice of a few disposable lives in any event, balanced against the greater challenge of promoting by whatever means available, that universal Caliphate?

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