Monday, December 13, 2010

"My Apple iPad""

What's new? Well, will another Islamic suicide bomber do? Tired old stuff? Perhaps in Iraq it is, in Afghanistan and Pakistan it is, but in Sweden, not so much. Surprising the kindly, forgiving Swedes no end. For they have welcomed a very large Islamic immigrant population into their midst, and this obviously is no way to repay that kind of warm and authentic generosity. Most Muslims living in Sweden would undoubtedly feverishly agree with that sentiment.

One man, however, did not. Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly whose parents brought him to Sweden from Iraq in 1992 to live a better life, a life of freedoms not quite available in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, somehow decided that Sweden was deserving of punishment. Mr. Abdulwahab, it is now being speculated, might have been an ordinary person with ordinary aspirations, until he was conscripted in Britain at Bedfordshire University where he was studying for a degree, to become a jihadi. A mujahadeen, he called himself, however.

Battling the infidel, the kuffar whose war against holy Islam was an affront to all that he believed in, as an observant Muslim. Who had, incidentally, married a Swedish woman, and with whom he had three very young children. He was, after all, only 28, and aspiring to be the proud husband of another (Muslim, piously religious) wife for whom he was actively advertising. It was a religious thing. He loved his Swedish wife and their three children, but Islam decreed he be fruitful and multiply.

Before he was able to conclude that additional chapter in his life, however, another kind of duty called. On the other hand, it might have been the Islamic Centre in Luton where Abdulwahab regularly attended Friday prayers where he might have been recruited. He had studied for a degree in physical therapy; unusual for a fervent Muslim; more generally speaking the academic degree is in engineering. Which might have suited his purposes better, since he seems to have miscalculated his explosives rather badly.

The vehicle bomb packed with gas canisters on a Stockholm street simply caught fire, without detonating and causing the kind of damage to passersby on the busy thoroughfare that he had anticipated. Was it a panic allied with determination and a perverted sense of honour and martyrdom-appeal that caused him to ignite himself a mere 300 metres away from the misfired vehicle? In any event, he caused harm to only two bystanders, while blowing his chest into a vacuum.

His message to the world at large: don't mess with Islam. His message to Sweden: the country erred unforgivably by not condemning the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Oh, and get those Swedish soldiers out of Afghanistan. Spain did, when it was attacked and an almost instantaneous change of government took place, with a change of heart, as a result, so Sweden too may take the message seriously.

Otherwise: "...your children, your daughters and your sisters will die as our brothers, our sisters and our children are dying." Except, boyo, who's killing them?

For this vile performance in honourable defence against "Islamophobia", Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt expressed his his considered opinion, UN-style, that the attack against his country and his countrymen was "unacceptable". Don't want to make too much of a fuss about a failed attempt at mass carnage, after all. He took particular exception to the fact that "this man was walking around with explosives in Stockholm." In Stockholm, by God...! That was some snappy press conference.

And don't, dear Swedes, panic. Don't even think jihad, and mass murder, and honourable jihadis. Or mujahadeen. Or terrorists. Or devoted martyrs. "...even if much evidence points to this...". Of course, the leader of the country's center-right coalition spilled the beans, that police were "treating this as a terrorist action", but people, relax, do not jump to "the wrong conclusions".

And do not, repeat, do not even think of suspecting any one of your neighbours, like the 450,000 Muslims who emigrated to your great, free, socialist country. "Openness is worth giving ourselves the time to get to the bottom of this."

Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly in the final analysis, was just like everyone else. He had the same likes and dislikes, loved his family, had ambition, planned a career, anticipated a biiiiig family with loooots of kids and had a Facebook page. Doesn't everyone? His explained to interested 'friends' that “I love my Apple iPad” and “Islamic caliphate state”. Oops, how did that get in there? A revelation, indeed. Sweden's free society just didn't cut it; the supreme Islamic nation would, though.

"I am looking mostly for religion", the comment made relative to his advertising for another wife. His religious duty to enjoy sex with more than one official partner; his religious duty to produce more offspring, as he also mentions hoping for MANY children. Alas, events entirely in his control swept that aspiration into the dustbin.

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