Saturday, May 21, 2011

Godly Warriors

To be faithful to Islam is to totally surrender curiosity, the spirit of enquiry, belief in the rational, and of course to neglect purposely and purposefully free will. Those who succumb to the belief of Islamic precepts, accepting without question the necessity to utter surrender of self to the greater vision of an omniscient, omnipresent, all powerful being to whom they are but puppets, do so with relief that the ardency of their belief will relieve them of the struggle to be self-disciplined and intelligently discriminating.

When the entire purpose and script of life is laid out in a circumscribed manner that will permit of no other, there is no need to creatively make use of the cerebellum, all natural urges to learn and to become what fate and fortune may have in store are set aside. Allah will provide, and the providence of meek surrender will see everything through to an acceptable conclusion. Any conclusion, in fact, becomes acceptable because it is the will of God.

Believers' obligation begins and ends with implicit, inviolable belief. Islam is not an original or even an authentic religion; it is a distillation of religions that pre-dated it. An inheritor of Bedouin sensibilities and tribalism brilliantly took it upon himself to create a hybrid, and slowly but surely built upon an existing scaffold of religious devotion to create one more suitable to express the needs required to dominate a tribal, warring, Bedouin society.

The need to employ the aphorism of conquest drew its inspiration from what already motivated the people for whom the religion was constructed. And by contrast to this fine new religion that incorporated many of the initial concepts of its predecessor religions, Islam was the completion of Judaism and Christianity, both of which represented stages of development, with Islam presenting as the final and most authoritative version that pleased God mightily.

Believers were stimulated to pursue and discharge their mission to impress upon other tribes and eventually other national entities the superior exceptionality of Islam. If those to whom the virtues of Islam were presented balked at shedding their original and adapting to this new religion, they were persuaded to do so through militias whose slaughter of the recalcitrant became legendary. Conquest was a powerful incentive to changing minds.

And while the conquering hordes spread the vision and the glories inherent in Islam, they themselves settled into the conquered lands and found much there to admire and to adapt toward their own use. Cultures that represented originality and superior artistic and practical and philosophical and scientific advances were useful in the extreme, and given the Islamic stamp of approval, their nature and substance reflective of early Islamic practical advances.

And God approved, also. The divine word of God and the revelations contained therein were absorbed by greater numbers of the conquered. And all was well, with nations thriving under Islam seeing beauty in architecture, literature, and scholarly tracts all reflecting the divine character of Islamic ideals. Then all was not well, when a tide of Christian nations pushed back against the invaders and re-conquered lands originally theirs.

And humankind too was transformed in its philosophical and religious conversions toward the enlightenment touching the bastions of religious devotion and scholarly interpretations of same. With the exception of Islam, which remained rigidly mired in the perfection of the Koran and the sacredness of Allah's original dictation. The pathology of anger and hatred of those outside Islam created an atmosphere of more modern violent militancy that developed over time.

Dogmatic religious fanaticism bred intolerance and a vicious disregard for human rights, along with the creation of a permanent vision of jihad, necessary to hold back the tide of reason and the muffling of religious dogmatism. The theology of Islam which worked so well with its original targeted Bedouin tribal society has been hugely successful in trapping its faithful in the Middle Ages.

Radical Islam now at war with all the vestiges of Western influence has learned to manipulate the values that have resonance where rational thought lives, without itself succumbing to reason. It persuades its targets that they are wrong and Islam is right and the penalty for being wrong, is death, for infidels are not beloved of Allah for their stubborn resistance of his message.

There is no usefulness in the current state of affairs in the West where accommodation and concession to Islamic rules and messages and values, in the hopes that conciliation will take place between intellectual and religious solitudes will auger in a new age of co-operation. For accommodation and concession is interpreted as another kind of surrender; to the superiority of Islam.

And those who resist accommodation and concession, interpreted as surrender, are ripe for the backlash of Islamic anger; violent jihad. It is that long, simmering, inexorable underground war that is now waged against the West by Islamists. And which Muslims themselves are encouraged by their scholarly elite, their mullahs, ayatollahs and imams to name Islamophobia.

The phobia that Islamists wear and react against remains officially unnamed. Its godly warriors are those the West name terrorists, and this does not displease the Islamists for what they seek to impose upon the West is indeed terror.

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