Saturday, May 21, 2011

Solutions? Here We Are!

The long-awaited speech by the President of the United States of America on the cusp of meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been received with truly mixed feelings. Mostly the feelings are mixed between incredulous and disbelieving.

Mind, the president relieved himself of his impressions and feelings about the eventuality of a Palestinian state alongside that of the State of Israel, in the context of a longer, large speech of the general conditions currently prevailing in the Middle East and North Africa. Where support of long-time allies were disposed of, and a selective attack mounted on another.

It isn't entirely clear why a speech focusing primarily on the "Arab Spring" also mentioned Israel and President Barack Obama's view of how Israel should comport itself officially in the prosecution of reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority, for the 'political awakening', confrontations and state brutality taking place really have nothing to do with Israel.

Other than the occasional reported outburst from protesters in Libya, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt about the Israeli aggressors. And the equally pointed expressions of exasperation by the ruling elite masquerading as benevolent dictators that the protests have been fomented by the Israeli Mossad.

But it is President Obama's considered opinion, one to which he has given great weight, that Israel must seriously consider and follow through with a series of concessions to the demands of the Palestinians to create an environment where the Palestinians might consider sitting down at the negotiating table for serious talks about peace with the Israelis.

No one seems to expect any manner of concessions to be available from the Palestinians.

The 'right of return' remains sacrosanct; the PA's Prime Minister Salam Fayyad's admission of his belief that returning Palestinians should be absorbed within the new Palestinian State is not favoured by the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas, and Mr. Fayyad is definitely out of favour.

The borders issue has received an unequivocal - almost - endorsement by President Obama; back to 1948, and bargain if you can for 'mutually agreed swaps'.

With a Palestinian Authority that has visions of sugar plums in the shape, colour and fragrance of swapping promises for accessing the entirety of the region, usurping the very ground that the State of Israel sits upon. The mourning of the Nakba will be concluded in the triumph of accession, righting a wrong that the United Nations imposed upon the poor Palestinians.

And the accursed, usurping Jews can just go back from where they came from - anywhere but the Middle East. And that nicely settles the issue of an undivided Jerusalem.

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