Tuesday, July 12, 2011

United States "Irate"

The United States seems most unwilling to finalize a diplomatic break with Syria. Despite having come straight out finally and saying that perhaps it is time for the regime to listen to the protests of its people? Equivocating perhaps, by recommending that the regime perhaps hold back a trifle on the vicious response to the protests? Protesting now and again that it is not at all good policy when a government actually violently attacks its population...?

In which instance it seems somewhat foolhardy on the surface of things, when the ambassador secure in the comfort of international convention that holds that an embassy located in another country is to be considered the soil and property as it were, of the foreign country, to provoke his host. But with the assurance that as a diplomat, Ambassador Robert Ford, felt he was perfectly within his mandate to visit the centre of the protests in Hama.

He and the French ambassador Eric Chevallier set out on a trip to see for themselves the setting of the anti-regime's most active gathering. Where they sympathized with the protesters, declaring the Syrian President to be in gross violation of his population's human rights. Quite endearing themselves, in other words, to President Assad.

Who returned the compliment by having his supporters undiplomatically converge on the two embassies with the thought in mind of attacking them. Which they did, causing extensive damage both to the American embassy and the official residence of its ambassador who according to them was a "dog". And they took especial delight in flying a Syrian flag within the U.S. compound.

Thus violating the Vienna Convention, which troubled them not one whit. While Syrian security forces looked on with at least, one might assume, a modicum of curiosity, without feeling spurred to intervene. Following orders, one could safely assume. Somewhat like the Syrian state TV station which had undertaken to incite the pro-regime thugs, uh, demonstrators.

President Obama is no doubt troubled by this sundering of good relations with Syria. After all, there was his new-presidency promise to the Muslim world. His declaration that they could all get along to get along. That America was not truly an enemy of Islam. That the United States greatly respected Islam and Arab countries.

It's just that things have somehow turned awry; even though this president has no intention of shoving democracy down Arab/Muslim throats as his predecessor did, it would appear that many of those who have lived too long under tyranny have been inspired to shove democracy down the throats of their oppressors.

Hey, good luck on that one. That's the opinion of the Muslim Brotherhood, too.

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