Friday, September 28, 2012

"Damn You, Bashar!"

"Big numbers of soldiers and security men came from everywhere and they surrounded the building and began fighting in a crazy way.
"I cannot believe what I saw.  
"The government cannot protect its military and key security buildings, so how can it protect the country?"
Syrian taxi driver working near Ummayed Square
 How utterly dreary when the man on the street is so demoralized, and no longer believes in the security capability of his government's military.  Little wonder, on the other hand, when the capital of Syria hosts the indomitable will of rebels who refuse to be budged by government militias bombing their areas of occupation, oblivious to the presence of civilians.

Two explosions striking military headquarters in central|Damascus, the second such attack on the Alawite regime's military in as many days.  An Iranian English-language satellite network reporter was killed in gunfire following the explosions.  State television footage of a white mini-bus exploding in flames followed by another blast dramatically demonstrated the ability of the rebels to exploit intrusive opportunities in 'safe and secure' areas.

One bomb exploded at a building used by the Army General Command, the other at the air force command headquarters.  More symbolic than anything else, since a bare handful of security guards were killed in the conflagrations.  Tajamo Ansar al-Islam (Gathering of the Supporters of Islam), yet another Islamist group aligned with the rebels took credit for the flaming spectacle.
image: Syrian soldiers stand at the site of twin bombings near the headquarters of the armed forces general staff in Damascus, Sept. 26, 2012.
LOUAI BESHARA / AFP / Getty Images
Syrian soldiers stand at the site of twin bombings near the headquarters of the armed forces general staff in Damascus, Sept. 26, 2012.

What should have been more worrying to the regime was not just the suicide attacks, the marker of terrorist groups, but that the spokesman for Tajamo Ansar al-Islam mentioned that their success was due to their having worked out their plan with army insiders.  These twin bombings were the most dramatic within the capital since the explosion on July 18 that destroyed the regime's key security aides.

Anti-government fighters are demonstrably capable of striking as close to centres of power as they feel empowered to do.  Emphasizing the Syrian military's inability to push the rebel positions from the capital and Damascus suburbs where they have entrenched themselves.  But the regime takes its revenge where it can.  Several hundred civilians were killed on Tuesday alone.

A massacre also took place at a town outside Damascus.  Videos showed rows of corpses wrapped in blankets in the town of Dhiyabia.  Males, from 20 year-olds to elderly men.  
"A massacre in the Dhiyabia area.  God damn you, Bashar.  The bodies are in the dozens.  Look, Muslims, look what this dictator is doing." (Video published by activists.)

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