Monday, November 02, 2015

Call To Jihad and Fun...!

"Brothers, I call you to jihad! This is where you will find freedom! You can really live here [in Syria among the militias of Islamic State]. It's fun here. Jihad is a lot of fun!"
"In France, deeds were done, in Germany the sleepers are waiting. We want your blood."
"Allah will erase them [pre-conversion tattoos] from me one day [tattoo reading 'Thug']. This is from the days when I lived the life of an unbeliever."
Abu Talha Al-Almani, aka Denis Cuspert, German rapper; Islamic State recruiter

"Cuspert is emblematic of the type of foreign recruit ISIL seeks for its ranks -- individuals who have engaged in criminal activity in their home countries who then travel to Iraq and Syria to commit far worse crimes against the people of those countries."
"He acted as a German-language recruiter for ISIL, a willing pitchman for [ISIL] atrocities".
U.S. State Department release
Neue Gerüchte um ISIS-Terroristen: Deso Dogg bei US-Luftangriff getötet

Der Berliner Rapper Deso Dogg (bürgerlich: Denis Cuspert) in einem Propaganda-Video der Terrormiliz ISIS       Foto: LiveLeak

Once known as Deso Dogg, a hip-hop star who defied categorization and seemed to hate the world he was born into, he transitioned from a troubled childhood to an adulthood equally troubled by the choices Denis Cuspert made for himself. Living in Berlin, raised by his German mother with the help of his American stepfather, his Ghanaian father was absent, having long since abandoned mother and child.

As a teen difficult to deal with, one who constantly clashed with his stepfather -- a U.S. army veteran -- the boy was placed in a special group home for five years, meant to discipline difficult children. He experienced as well what it was like to live in Namibia, at a farm whose purpose was the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents. For an alienated child, these experiences put the finishing touches on his feelings of hostility toward his native country.

"I grew up with racism" he said in an interview four years ago. "Though my mother is German, some teachers back then would call me Negro and treat all Muslim kids bad". It's instructive to remember he wasn't Muslim back then. He would only surrender to Islam much later, as an adult  who had behind him youth gang experiences. A serious car accident helped to steer him toward Islam where his anger with American foreign policy made it a connection tailor-made.

Der Spiegel wrote a piece about him, about friends reporting psychotic episodes. And where religion appeared as a godsend, "an opportunity to press the reset button. Cuspert had sinned a lot. He liked the idea of starting over again". A video was released on social networking sites and there he was, his identity now Abu Malik, extending an invitation for others to join him at a retreat at a mosque.

"I'll be there, too A week-end without disco, without fun, for a change. You can also have fun here. It's time for you to learn something, for yourself, for your soul, for your heart." And soon enough Abu Malik became famed as one of Germany's singers of nasheeds [religious songs], bringing him a vast following that hip-hop had denied him. And then investigators representing the German government came calling.
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1-Abu Talha Al-Almani "deso dogg "got killed in 16\10\2015 by Coalition warplanes Strike targeted his car in Raqqa  

الرقة تذبح بصمت

His songs had evidently inspired a Kosovo immigrant who shot dead two U.S. soldiers at the Frankfurt airport. His Facebook page contained his final message: "I love you for Allah, Abu Malik", the nasheeds that Cuspert sang inspired the jihadist to his destiny as a shaheed. While supporting the shooting, Cuspert denied involvement of any kind.

His final farewell to Germany came in 2012 when he departed for Syria to join ISIL. Becoming one of ISIL's most notoriously useful German-language recruiters. In an April video he rapped rhapsodically over the grim footage of Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh, gruesomely burned alive in a cage, one of Islamic State's many celebrated atrocities.

Since Denis Cuspert/Abu Talha Al-Almani was killed in an airstrike last month, ISIL will have to now rely on other German-speaking jihadis who have joined their ranks to convince the steadily increasing Muslim population streaming into Germany from Syria to return and willingly perform their 'fun'! duty to Islam.

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