Saturday, December 05, 2015

Ugly Manifestations of Faith

Social progressives, and nations that proudly and conspicuously take actions that proclaim them to be socially progressive are so terribly fond of observing that social deviance has an explicable reason. Those who are among the downtrodden, the ignored, the underprivileged and the humiliated can be forgiven for transgressing on the patience of those who enact laws and harbour expectations that all without exception will conform to the social contract.
respect our quran
These progressives deem that those who have expectations that laws and observance of human rights are meant for everyone to respect, are intolerant and bigoted, social Neanderthals themselves. And some of those countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark for example, and Germany and Austria and France and Britain now live with the results of their forgiveness of the uncompromising intolerant because they insist they have a right to express themselves in free and democratic societies.

The reality they live with is that they have encouraged and nourished a  society within their own, that remains separate and distinct and distinctly averse to their own. Among whom are a significant number who act on the belief that the host country is obligated to surrender to them their heritage and culture, values and laws, to be superseded by those of the introduced population.

A culture whose values include a demeaning place for women as dependent property, with a code of honour that is so delicately balanced that a woman appearing in public in 'immodest' clothing broadcasts her willingness to be sexually assaulted, and if she is a Muslim woman then the onus is on her alone to restore family honour by submitting to assisted suicide. Where each among the faithful is honour-bound to rampage and murder if their Prophet is maligned, the Koran  defaced.
The hatred is so viral that from countries abroad, themselves violently and viciously dysfunctional, come warriors in jihad to destroy the nests of evil to be found in the West. The Islamists who defame their critics by describing them as 'Islamophobic' brook no criticism of their passion for defence of the honour of Islam. And that honour can only be upheld when the world succumbs to the inevitable; surrender to Islam.

The resistance to that state indulges the Islamist obligation of all believers to engage themselves in jihad. Which is precisely what Mohammad Atta did in planning and directing the 9/11 attacks as a spectacular prelude to ongoing mass atrocities, from Britain to Spain, Indonesia to France, Nigeria to Belgium, Somalia to Israel. Men like Atta and Abaaoud of Paris infamy and their colleagues who stalk democratic countries in contempt of their degraded values are not from impoverished backgrounds.

Nor are they uneducated and downtrodden, but rather reflective of a privileged class as was Osama bin Laden. They use that privilege to steer themselves into service to jihad with a view to destroying Western values and they find there tolerance for their morbid views and forgiveness for their violent rampages because, according to the progressives, something in their backgrounds must be responsible for these outcomes, and that somethings must be identified as white privilege and colonial imperialism.

Muslims are enjoined to shake off their fascination with Western ways of life that can only despoil their Islamic souls. They must instead rediscover their "pride and honour" through jihad in promoting the values of Islam. Jihadist empowerment is a siren call to the young and the restless, who living within the culture of Western societies, spurn the opportunities available to them, and choose instead to grasp the values of the Islamic State, so much more appealing to their need to belong.

Islam is the ideology of supremacism, and because of that it becomes an ideology of mass destruction. Islam, which an immense proportion of the world population venerates as peaceful and humanitarian in outlook can be seen as such in selectively searching for those supportive verses that proclaim this to be so. And the Muslim populations in the vast majority who venerate that Islam become themselves the victims of the Islam that seeks to conquer all.

It is an ideology of all or nothing and Islam will not settle for nothing.


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