Saturday, April 09, 2016

Jihadi Infiltration in Europe at a Guess

France and Belgium, astonishingly, appear to have finally woken to the reality of the scope and scale of the infiltration of terror cells in their midst. How this can be surprising is beyond belief, given the raw hostility and violence that spills out of the French banlieues and their Belgian counterparts, to the extent that even police cannot enter without being adequately prepared and armed to enter a foreign and threatening atmosphere where French or Belgian law does not enter lightly.

Although young Muslim men in French banlieues appear for the most part content to confine their violence to torching vehicles and marching in demonstrations whenever something triggers their rage always simmering below the surface, occasionally bubbling to a boil which catches fire threatening a broader immolation, it is Belgium in particular whose Brussels suburbs crammed with Muslims which supplies Islamic State with its fighters abroad and at home.

Unsurprisingly, many of those who gravitate toward the allure that ISIL violence dangles toward them in the thrill of mass slaughter and spectacularly bestial death rites that revolt the civilized and excite the psychopaths, have criminal backgrounds. For a religion of peace, one that instructs its faithful to indulge in the kind of jihad that perfects the mind in contemplation of Islamic ideals, it is nothing short of amazing that among the youth such a high degree of criminalization exists.

Molenbeek and Schaerbeek appear rife with former criminals turning for adventure and excitement to Islamist jihadist movements. A step above petty thefts, drug trading, and assaults. Abdelhamid Abaaoud of Paris November 13 infamy hailed from Molenbeek after training with Islamic State who renamed him Abu Omar al-Belgiki, complementing his two-year attachment in Syria with ISIL. His specialty in the Syrian desert is reputed to have been dragging prisoners behind a pickup truck.

He was known as a recruiter of great persuasive skills for the Islamic State, creating and orchestrating networks of Islamist jihadists, sympathizers and fundraisers. His proficiency at persuading recruits to look into the efficacy toward reaching Paradise expeditiously by becoming martyrs through suicide bombings was evidently another notch in his resume of vital skills. And in late 2015 he made the ultimate commitment himself in the Paris attacks that succeeded in leaving over 130 dead at choice locations in the city; the Bataclan nightclub principally.

Although among his colleagues whose choice of preference was to be true to their pledges to meet death with the courage of their convictions, the man who espoused those convictions appeared at the last minute to have a change of mind leading him to flee the devastation and find a hiding place for himself among relatives. It took a police raid five days after the Paris attacks for him to find what he had eluded, when he was finally dispatched to Paradise.

Since then, investigative authorities have been able to reveal a wide circle of men tied to Abaaoud, who had fought alongside him in Syria and Iraq, or who had been companions of one kind of another at some juncture in their lives, many of whom are now being sought. They may eventually be found, but not with the intelligence currently in circulation where police have no idea where they are; in Europe, or Syria. Some of those being sought cannot even be adequately identified.

Some have posed as refugees crossing from Turkey to the Greek islands, merging with the movement of humanity walking the Balkan route into Central Europe. And finally succeeding in being registered as asylum seekers, in Germany or Bavaria; mostly conjecture, partially the intelligence of theoretical probabilities. They are thought to be armed and dangerous, but even if they are not armed they are dangerous for what they store in their minds and what their intentions are, some of which has already been experienced, with more to come.

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