Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tossing Incumbents in Gullible Desperation no Solution

"Any of the allegations that circulate here in the United States about Russia's involvement are groundless."
"There's no attempts whatsoever to meddle with the political process or the results of the election."
Yury Melnik, spokesman, Russian embassy, Washington

People walk past a mural in Vilnius, Lithuania, depicting Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing. (Petras Malukas/AFP)
"If  you've lost your job or if you're under-employed and someone tells you, 'Trade did it and it's because America was weak', it touches your buttons."
"It can be an effective message for him [Donald Trump, Republican presidential election candidate, 2016]."
Ed Rendell, chairman, Democratic National Committee
The popular (and Democratic party-infused outrage) reaction to news that American intelligence agencies are pointing to Russian government agency involvement in cyber-spying enabling the collecting of data from the Democratic National Committee, causing huge embarrassment and upheaval at a critical time of electioneering and a challenge from a putative Republican candidate whose scooping up of the presidential candidacy has horrified the GOP itself, is fairly ingenuous.

First, because the very fact that someone of the wretched ilk of Trump has succeeded in his mission to gull the gullible to support his candidacy over those of ineffably more qualified, if rather more palatable genuine Republican candidates. The very fact that Trump has ended up the Republican "choice" gives the Democratic Party the only opportunity they might have under the circumstances after appointing Hillary Clinton their candidate to remain in the White House.

That the unfortunate public airing of emails revealing that the nominating committee itself, a pledged neutral body undertook to plot the downfall of Bernie Sanders' challenge, simply continues a trajectory of deceit that has plagued the Democratic Party and its candidate of note whom President Obama lauds as the epitome of discretion, decision-making and enduring trustworthiness; the sole individual prepared and experienced sufficiently to lead the country with his departure.

The scandalous revelation that Moscow has undertaken steps to influence the outcome of the presidency eliciting disbelief and anger from America, is slightly amusing given the propensity of the United States to infiltrate and influence events externally pertaining to the governance of other nations. If countries deemed by the United States to be important to America's fortunes undertake the election of executive officials inimical to those fortunes, it can be guaranteed that Washington will pull out all stops to intervene.

Donald Trump's toxic vision for an America that he visualizes reflecting his wonky values and the intemperance of his overtures and statements, including a verbal invitation extended to Russia to continue interfering in the election, mitigates against a sustainable global political future of less, not more instability at a time when international peace is already irremediably fractured.

As for the laughable assurances Trump extends to his followers that he will swiftly return manufacturing to America's blue-collar demographic, coming from a profit-driven corporatist, it is bumptious nonsense.

As well as the fact that it is the out-of-work, under-employed, economy-strapped public in the United States that itself has demanded over the years cheaper, more accessible products produced in China which has drained the country of its productivity for the sought-after reality that a proliferation of foreign-made goods can be accessed at bottom price, dropping the floor out of 'made-in-America' pride.

That horse has long-since fled the burning barn.

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