Friday, July 29, 2016

The Jihadist ISIL Pleasure in Slaughter

The death toll from Wednesday's attack in Qamishli is feared to rise [Rodi Said/Reuters]

"This was a large attack."
"The death toll could significantly rise throughout the day."
Mohammed Jamjoom, journalist, Al Jazeera. Gaziantep, Turkey

"Oh my son, what did they do to you?" 
"They burned you, and they burned the country."
Grieving mother, Qamishli, Syria

"I saw a terrible thing."
"I was next to the security headquarters when the explosion happened."
Wounded young Kurdish man
People look for survivors under debris at a damaged site in Qamishli on Wednesday [Rodi Said/Reuters]

In Syria and Iraq it is the Kurds who have primarily been challenging the presence of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and their caliphate with the intention of the jihadists to press on with their self-appointed mission to absorb the geography into one vast, suppurating cancer of psychotic violence.

It is the Kurds who have pushed back against the terrorists with unremitting fury, and who have provided safe haven to the Yazidis targeted for extermination and slavery by the jihadists, and Christians whose very presence is a red flag to the Islamist fanatics.

It is the Kurdish fighters in whom the Western allies place their trust, assign members of their military to train and arm them, knowing that they will fight to the end to protect their people, their territory and their dignity as an ancient people whose culture and heritage instruct them to live in peace with others.

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan chafes at the presence of Syrian Kurds living in border towns close to Turkey, characterizing them as terrorists, not the Islamic State jihadists. That NATO supports the Kurdish militias infuriates the Turkish dictator. He will spare no sympathy for the 48 confirmed Kurdish civilians dead in a twin bombing targeting a crowded area of Qamishli in northern Syria.

A truck loaded with explosives blew up on the edge of the town, and it was closely followed by an explosives-packed motorcycle. This is a typical Islamic State strategy; an initial bomb, killing civilians, and when others rush to help those many who are wounded, the second bomb usually goes off for maximum efficiency in killing as many innocent people as possible.

Rescue teams worked frantically to free people from the ensuing rubble of the destroyed civic infrastructure. Television broadcasts featured people racing in panic from the grey smouldering ruins.

Even though the town is mostly Kurdish and Kurdish controlled, a Syrian military force is present at the town's airport. Despite which, and attesting to the determination of mass murderers to plan and executive mass carnage to satisfy their monstrous appetite for death and destruction, the unthinkable occurs.

This double-pronged attack clearly is connected to Kurdish forces backed by the United States' led coalition focusing on an offensive to combat Islamic State in the town of Manbij and drive them out to free the town, east of Qamishli. This is a pattern that has emerged, that when Islamic State is pushed out of one area, it mounts an attack on another.

Just as it attempts to compensate for its growing loss of caliphate area by urging its sympathizers abroad to mount attacks on vulnerable European targets in an emphatic demonstration that its deadly tentacles reach far and wide, and its committed jihadists will eagerly sacrifice themselves as martyrs while slaughtering those whose lives offend Islam.

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