Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trump: Breaker of Marriage Bonds

"Politics were very low on the list of priorities when we met. Therapists say you have the best relationships when you are clearly separate people. And I like to think that we are emotionally centred, so that we can have a major disagreement about something, and it's not a big problem."
"I'm reasonably convinced that Hillary is handcuffed to the economic progressive populism that has totally taken over the Democratic Party, a.k.a, socialism"
"I think that if she gets power and the party gets power, there is a good likelihood that the agendas of that movement will be enacted. To me, that counters what I consider to be what brings us prosperity, which is entrepreneurship."
Dr. Thomas Stossel, 74, hematologist, professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School

"That is news to me [husband planning to vote for Trump despite her threats against it]. And I'll be calling my attorney."
"I don't think he will vote for him. But if he does, I hope he never tells me about it. For someone who is so reasonable in every other part of his life, and who expects people to have expertise, it doesn't really link with the Tom Stossel that I know. I would just be disgusted on every level."
"And also a little fearful. Disgusted on the marriage level, but fearful for our society."
Dr. Kerry Maguire, 54, dentist, Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Reviews Are In: Trump’s Announcement Of VP Mike Pence Was Insanely Bad

Donald Trump has become the darling of the uninformed, uneducated, lower- and middle-class, older white male demographic in the United States who distrust government at any level, far more so at the federal level. Women, on the whole, decidedly dislike the man with his unwholesome baggage not only of nasty cynicism and ego-driven, bumptious ignorance, but general misanthropy. So it's fairly amazing to see the level of popular support he has, even among some blacks and Latinos.

But from a man who is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute? A man whose experience and presumed intelligence should logically lead him to a position of aghast apprehension that such a pompous blowhard know-nothing has set America on edge with the possibility he could become president? His disgust of Hillary Clinton is manifest, and so powerful that he prefers Trump. "I think that it is very unlikely that he (Trump) can pull any of that stuff (banning Muslims, building a Mexican border wall) off.

"It seems improbable to me, because he still has to work in the constraints of what I hope will be a checks-and-balances system. Frankly, I don't think he is going to have to make good on a lot of these crazy promises", he says of his voting choice. His wife, Kerry Maguire, director of the children's outreach program at the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Mass., has some trouble believing her husband, Stossel, a hematologist and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School is serious.

But he is. And he's not the only one. "I loved him and still love him, but at the same time I had to resist my first instinct, which was to say, 'Gross'"; of the man Anna Sproul-Latimer meant to marry who had Tea Party tendencies. And who is politically attracted to Donald Trump. She married him anyway,but their disagreement on the issue of voting for either Clinton or Trump has constrained their relationship worryingly. "I loved him when he first ran. I thought he was hilarious. I loved the idea that he would drive everyone insane. I loved that he was pure chaos and total stream of consciousness" said Matt Latimer, a former George W. Bush speechwriter.

Who would have imagined that the unlikely candidacy of a construction magnate who is also a dabbler in hugely unethical schemes to shed trusting admirers of their tuition money through a scheme to have them think his pseudo-university could imbue them with the magic dust that has seen him succeed in one venture after another after business failures and bankruptcies, would ever enter the bedrooms of the nation to destroy love and stable marriages?

Well, for all the uneducated grievance-burdened voters that Trump has mesmerized, and the more politically informed yet still captivated people who plan to vote for the man who, should he succeed will send the country into a spin of revolting decision-making that will alienate one half of the country from the other half, and ensure that the international community keeps a wide berth lest they too become contaminated in the process of retaining their ally status, the Republican party itself is digging in its heels.

Daily, greater numbers of prominent Republicans and donors to their cause have been creating a wide berth between themselves and this stunningly flawed candidate. No fewer than 50 Republican national security professionals from the Bush regime have stated unequivocally that a threat to the nation's security lies in Trump's candidacy aspiring to the presidency. Another 70 Republicans have signed a request that the Republican party take steps to divert funding for Trump's candidacy to the support of "down ticket" Republicans in an effort to save the GOP.

Helpfully, this man  who history will contest as the likeliest candidate for village idiot this century, has himself orchestrated plummeting support. Every time he candidly spouts whatever comes to mind irrespective of how absurd and volatile, the resulting outrage reaches some on the outer fringes of Trumpmania to add to the downward-spiralling trajectory of polling numbers. The hope is desperately pinned on his deciding to avert the election by claiming it is so rigged he cannot continue.

And should he become bored with creating the raucous circus that results from the attention he so badly craves from the public, the news media and the panic evinced in the Republican party, then wives of husbands who, academic credentials aside, insist they will vote for the clown that the Republicans fell prey to, will only have to continue worrying about the cretinous state of their loved ones' minds, not the state of the union under an accidental comedian.

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