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Volatile, Vicious Palestinian Hate-Mongering

Police keep Arab-Canadians celebrating Al Quds day and Jewish-Canadians protesters along with Gay activists apart at Queen's Park on Saturday July 2, 2016. Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

In one of the most violent parts of the world, where Arab and Muslim tribal, sectarian antipathy to their varied counterparts has bred an atmosphere of brutal repression, oppression and vicious attacks, the one nation whose religion is exempt from the direction that motivates those that follow Islamist principles and values is portrayed as the catalyst for all the ills that befall the Middle East. When Israel was declared a universally accepted nation for and of Jews of the diaspora, the assembled armies of its surrounding neighbours marched to destroy the fledgling state.

The Arabs from Jordan and Egypt who settled in the ancient homeland of the Jews, co-opted for themselves the identification long denoting Jews as Palestinians, just as they co-opted the history of the ancient Hebrews declaring that the notable Biblical figures of Judaic history were in reality not Jews, but Arab 'Palestinians'. They certainly had an earlier, influential precedent to mount their claims; that of the introduction by the Prophet Mohammad of Islam to the Arab Bedouins of the 7th Century after having looted from Judaism its precepts, laws and sacred symbols; even its prophets.

The looting continues to the present day, with any historical artefacts attesting to the presence of Jews in ancient Jerusalem discovered by the Muslim authority (Islamic Waqf) -- invested with the care of the Temple Mount, the most sacred place in Judaism, but diplomatically handed over to Islamic rule as the Noble Sanctuary for its vaunted connection to Mohammad's rise to Paradise -- reacts on their discovery by hiding or destroying the artefacts validating the historical connection of Jews to Jerusalem.

Arab Palestinians, through the Palestinian Authority, have long launched  two sets of conflict against Israel in an effort to destroy the Jewish state. One is their violent attacks in succeeding modes dating from the earliest hijacking of planes and ships to bring attention to their claims of ownership of the land apportioned through the medium of Partition by the United Nations to both Jews and Arabs, which Jews accepted and Arabs did not.

That violence gradually changed to become grisly episodes of suicide bombings capable of destroying many lives at a time, when explosives-laden vests were detonated in crowded malls, buses, restaurants; anywhere that people gathered in the civic and civil arenas. Martyrdom in the name of 'resistance' against the presence of Jews among Arabs became a motivating social movement to destroy Israel.

The second half of the equation arose through a hugely successful public relations appeal to the international community, portraying Israel as a brutal occupier of Arab land, intent on committing genocide. Claims that were specifically addressed to the European and North American left, and adopted by unions, church groups and academics. Able to penetrate those groups and find support there, not least because anti-Semitism runs so deep in many societies but whose presence is denied.

Throughout Europe and North America, academic institutions have been co-opted to the 'cause' of the Palestinians; that cause obviously being a plaintive distress against the heartless, destructive agenda of the State of Israel against the helpless Palestinians. Jewish students on campuses were treated to jeers and accusations by those supporting the 'Palestinian cause'. Al-Quds Day (The concept that Jerusalem belongs to Islam), and BDS support is high on campuses. Visiting Israeli academics are boycotted.

Claims run rampant that the Israeli Defence Forces are in league with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, with placards reading "ISIS and IDF are the same: Only difference is their name", as well as "humanity devastated Zionist collaborated, ISIS and IDF activated", along with "Boycott IsraHell". Graphic images of Palestinian children drowning in blood, abused by the IDF make the point for genocide. Speakers claim the IDF executed a 17-year-old Arab, a Palestinian who had knifed to death a 13-year-old Israeli girl in her bed; her killer shot to death as he attempted to murder the rest of her family.

Little wonder Jewish students feel endangered, intimidated, and fearful as they attend university classes, with their university administrations loathe to 'interfere' in these exhibitions of free speech, and choosing to capitulate to free speech imperatives requiring restraints when speakers the defenders of Palestinian 'rights' declare to be off limits at the university become an issue, because they defend Israel against this hateful slander.

During Al-Quds Day events "die ins" are popular, and charades of fake IDF soldiers attacking students who pose as Palestinian are performed. The Palestinians love to portray themselves as violently oppressed. And Muslims in general claim that they are the victims of slander and of hate attacks. When the truth is that Jews are the most common targets of hate crimes. The contortion of reality and the destruction of truth is a usefully convenient and highly successful tool of those who feel they have been oppressed and who throw in their lot with hate-mongering Jew-haters.

Arab-Canadians celebrate Al Quds day and Jewish-Canadians protest at Queen's Park on Saturday July 2, 2016. Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network
Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun
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