Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump-Spooked Americans

"They tell  you, 'You know what happened in the U.S., and we don't feel that rights will be respected',"
"It's a concern. They are enquiring."
Bhramba Kullur, Ottawa immigration lawyer

"This could be an immediate reaction to events."
"We have to assess this over the longer run to see how many of them actually follow through with immigration to Canada."
Arghavan Gerami, Immigration lawyer

"Worried about life under a Trump presidency?"
"The unfathomable horror is coming soon, but we've got  your back. Maple Match revolutionizes how Americans and Canadians date."
Maple Match dating app

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada revealed that over 200,000 attempts to access their Internet site on election night caused it to crash. American IP addresses, they stated, accounted for roughly half of those attempted enquiries. The week previous to the election of November 8 saw just in excess of 17,000 users to the site.

Immigration lawyers, Mr. Kullur as well as Mr. Gerami both stated that their office received enquiries from both indigenous-born Americans and Americans who had emigrated to the U.S. from other countries. Those originally from north Africa and the Middle East appeared to predominate the information-searchers.

There are a number of options open to people wishing to come as immigrants to Canada. Some people enquired whether they could make application as refugees. That category, however, is reserved for people whose lives can be at risk resulting from institutionalized persecution with no state protection in the country in which they live. Claiming asylum will not be entertained as a category for quick entry.

Marriage to a Canadian is one option, and a dating site is taking full advantage of its business opportunity to appeal to Americans to use their site to make contact with marriageable Canadians. The Maple Match dating app claimed a tripling in the number of users since the election. There are other, more traditional options open to would-be emigrants, however.

Americans can apply to immigrate as American professionals under the NAFTA agreement to work in Canada, at least until or unless president-designate Trump gets around to re-negotiating the NAFTA terms to better represent his nation's fullest interests as he threatened during one of his bombastic effusions throughout the tediously extended election campaign.

Demonstrators gathered in New York on Wednesday after Donald Trump's stunning election win. During the campaign, some Americans said they would move to Canada if Trump won.
Demonstrators gathered in New York on Wednesday after Donald Trump's stunning election win. During the campaign, some Americans said they would move to Canada if Trump won. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters) 

Americans in possession of a legitimate offer of employment in Canada can expedite the process. With that job offer they can arrive in Canada on a special visa to work and then apply for permanent residency a year later, under the Canadian Experience classification. Express entry can also be obtained under the skilled worker class. The nature of the application mandates the length of time it takes to complete the process.

Point2Homes, a real estate web portal, claims traffic data on its website demonstrates that potential American home buyers leaped forward by 282 percent in the 24 hours following the election. Most searchers looked for homes in Ontario, but Montreal, Vancouver and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia also represented popular searches.

Jittery Americans uncertain about whether or not they could contemplate continuing to live in the United States, anticipating the possibility of a Republican win with real estate mogul and all-around buffoon Donald Trump on the cusp of the presidency, made enquiries on the government immigration website and others even before the result was known.

In all of 2015, for example, the Monster's U.S. website received under 20,000 searches, whereas in 2016 an increase of 125 percent in enquiries took place. And from Tuesday to Wednesday alone, Americans searching for Canadian jobs rose again by 125 percent. Canadians wish their American cousins well,

And good luck, y'all!


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