Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Grim, But Bear It

Wednesday, November 9, 2016



Grim, But Bear It

It does strain credulity doesn't it?
Places an untenable weight on one's
struggle to believe that there is surely
an equal number of people capable
of discerning value and quality
capability, intelligence and trustworthiness
to balance those who fall prey to the
promises of frauds portraying themselves
as White Knights capable of overturning
all the worrisome problems bedevilling
citizens finding their governments
oblivious to their most basic needs.
That out of a capitalist jungle of
swindlers and bankruptcy artists could
erupt a brash, swashbuckling circus
barker corrupt to the core whose hubris
reflects the confidence conman whose
vast financial gains made of him a
celebrity, vowing to the discontented
and bewildered that he would deliver
them from the land of naught to the
paradise of plenty, exiling all those
hated politicians who fail to give heed to
their existential need -- who could foresee?
That this skilled necromancer could
manipulate and impress great swathes
of the population to cast out the old and
vote him into high office was a matter of
laughing disbelief, until it happened and
laughter turned to tears. Do not despair
ye of broken faith, for this too shall pass.

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