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Jerusalem, Undivided

Will He, Or Won't He?

Arab League
ARAB LEADERS attend the 28th Ordinary Summit of the Arab League at the Dead Sea.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

"That choice to made good the pre-election promises would reveal the United States as] so incredibly one-sided and biased, [it] would be the total annihilation of any chances of peace, or any American role in peacemaking".
Hanan Ashrawi, Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member

What does the Palestine Liberation Organization, and all its member-parts envision for the future, what is it exactly that they want? If they had any aspirations toward peace with Israel that would long ago have been accomplished. One opportunity after another has been deliberately squandered, generally under the guise aimed toward the West of appearing to be anxious to bring about peace, to establish a working arrangement with the Jewish State, while in asides to their home audience they baldly state their intention to stall and forestall any such thing.

The name of the PLO gives it all away, even if they did not habitually incite their population to mayhem and murder against Jews. The PLO is a 'liberation' organization. Their aim is not to liberate the Middle East from its stalemate with the presence of a Jewish state, but to ensure that 'normalization' that would result from recognizing its presence, accommodating themselves to it and setting aside for good the antagonizing forces that have attacked Israel time and again.

The 'liberation' that the PLO strides toward is the total liberation of the land they claim surreptitiously as their own, from the grasp of a Jewish population that has returned to its heritage tradition, bolstering the presence of those Jews who have never left, with the Jews who were forcefully expelled from their homeland to take up residence throughout the Middle East in Arab countries where they were dispossessed and exiled and to recall the diaspora Jews from across Europe.

Liberating Palestine from Israel, when in historical fact Palestine was Israel until the incoming Arabs migrating from other points of the Middle East to take advantage of a growing opportunity decided to plagiarize an entire identity and geographical connection, highjacking history and reality to make it their own, claiming to be the original inhabitants and the genuine inheritors of the land. To gain the expulsion of Jews from 'Palestine' and reclaim it for the Palestinians that Arabs claim themselves to be.

In the panic that has arisen over the potential of Israel's original heritage status with Jerusalem as its capital, the Palestinian Authority and its president have called upon the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to emergency action once again in the United Nations to hope to compel the United States to back down on this current administration's vow to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's eternal capital; all of Jerusalem, including the East that the PA insists should be recognized as its.

The 'total annihilation' of the peace process has long since been accomplished, despite Hanan Ashrawi's moans and Mahmoud Abbas's panic to bring all the Islamic heavy guns to his defence in renewing the ongoing offensive against Israel which the United Nations and its various arms like UNESCO have already subscribed to, divesting Jerusalem of the historic and heritage presence of Jewish antiquity, re-writing history.

The Israeli flag flutters in front of the Dome of the Rock mosque and the city of Jerusalem, on December 1, 2017.
Israel sees Jerusalem as its indivisible capital    AFP

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