Saturday, February 17, 2018

French Unity, Tolerance, Civility

"One racist act out of three committed in France in the last two years was directed against a Jew, while Jews now represent less than 1% of the French population."
"Anti-Semitism has grown so much recently, that acts of aggression which cause no injury are no longer reported. Most victims feel powerless and are afraid of reprisals if they file a complaint."
Jewish Community Protection Service, France

"The problem, is that anti-Semitism today in France comes less from the far right than from individuals of the Muslim faith or culture."
Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls  

The bastion of French secularism in its promise of liberty, equality and fraternity appears to be dead and buried. The France that was has collapsed with the invasion of Muslim multitudes in their insular Islam and Sharia that has given France the experience of reclusive, hostile and dangerous enclaves where French law and order no longer prevail. The banlieues are places of dark threat where police fear to venture, where ambulances and fire trucks, police cars and any who erroneously enter are subject to threat and violence.

France has the distinction alongside Germany of hosting the largest influx of Muslims of any European nation. As time and fortune would have it, France also had the largest population of European Jews. Jews experienced French collaboration with Nazi Germany during the Fascist occupation of France through World War II; collaboration included the zeal with which French police were pleased to do the bidding of their German overseers in rounding up Jews for transport to forced labour and death camps.

In this new era of world history, politicians in France cannot get elected if there is any hint that they might disparage in any way, shape or form the overwhelming presence of a hostile Muslim population. The worldwide surge in anti-Semitism occurs wherever Islam sends its faithful, and in France the faithful are resident in abundance, prepared to enact whenever the occasion arises, acts of jihadist violence. Any criticism of Islam, of jihad, of the place of Islamic fundamentalism in a secular society is not tolerated by the Muslim population

People rally in Jerusalem in support for the French nation and the Jewish community in France, following a series of attacks in Paris and its suburbs, January 11, 2015.
People rally in Jerusalem in support for the French nation and the Jewish community in France, following a series of attacks in Paris and its suburbs, January 11, 2015. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

The presence of Jews living as a minority among the growing number of Muslims ten times their number has meant that Jewish children may become subject to vicious attacks. Jewish schools, synagogues and social centres must now be prepared to defend themselves from violent attack stationing armed guards for protection. An estimated 100,000 French Jews have departed the country of their birth, fearful for their children's future in an increasingly anti-Semetic atmosphere, where even the French President abstains from mentioning the Holocaust when speaking of Auschwitz.

There is a need, Emmanual Macron tweeted -- the new mass communication tool for politicians everywhere -- to "preserve peace, unity and tolerance" while the unfortunate reality is that there can be no peace, unity and tolerance on one side only, while the other side does all in its power to create an atmosphere of threat, intolerance and foreboding among those whom they target in demonstrations of pure, unadulterated hatred.

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