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The "Impudent" U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and the Statesmanlike Senior Palestinian Representative

"President Abbas declared the landmark Oslo Peace Accords dead. He rejected any American role in peace talks. He insulted the American President. He called for suspending recognition of Israel. He invoked an ugly and fictional past, reaching back to the 17th century to paint Israel as a colonialist project engineered by European powers."
"A speech that indulges in outrageous and discredited conspiracy theories is not the speech of a person with the courage and the will to seek peace."
"I ask here today, where is the Palestinian King Hussein? Where is the Palestinian Anwar Sadat. If President Abbas demonstrates he can be that type of leader, we would welcome it. His recent actions demonstrate the total opposite."
Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley speaks during a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East on December 18, 2017, at UN Headquarters in New York. (AFP Photo/Kena Betancur)

"Nikki Haley needs to shut up and realize that the Palestinian leadership is not the problem. Instead, the problem is the Israeli occupation and the policies it continues to pursue. I’m not saying that we don’t make mistakes; every society and every government makes mistakes."
"[The goal of Israel and the United States is to] undermine the Palestinian national project. American and Israeli officials are saying that any Palestinian leader who insists on East Jerusalem becoming the capital of Palestine and is committed to the right of return, in accordance with United Nations resolution 194, should be removed from power and replaced."
"She called for overthrowing the democratically elected Palestinian president. This is the president who led the peace process and promoted the principle of the two-state solution. Now this [US] ambassador is accusing him of lacking courage, and is calling for replacing him. The Palestinian people are loyal to their martyrs, prisoners, wounded, struggles, steadfastness, and heroism. This is the reality. The Palestinians are the only ones who are entitled to hold their leaders accountable."
"The Palestinian leadership has told the Americans and Israelis that, even after 1,000 years, they will not find any Palestinian who will collaborate with their scheme. We will take Trump’s decision [to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel] to the International Court of Justice and we will seek membership in more international agencies."
"We don’t seek a confrontation or a fight with the US administration. On the contrary — they are the ones taking several steps. The US administration is itself saying that it’s not an honest broker in the peace process. Therefore, we are seeking, together with international parties, to convene an international conference for peace."
PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat
PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat in his Ramallah office, November 23, 2015. (AFP/Abbas Momani)
PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat in his Ramallah office, November 23, 2015. (AFP/Abbas Momani)

Palestinians have been incited by their Palestinian Authority leaders over the decades to resist any calls for 'normalization' with Israel which might lead to diminished tensions. When matters become too calm, intifadas are urged, to remind Israel and the Jews living there that their time is numbered according to the Palestinian calendar. It is a schedule spoken in Arabic. In English another schedule entirely appears; one of a wish for the two solitudes to be reconciled to the reality of two separate and sovereign nations.

In the Palestinian playbook, however, there is but one geography, from the river to the sea, the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, and maps produced for PA television and school curricula show that the geography is absent the State of Israel; only the entire area marked "Palestine" is honoured as the reality yet to be re-established. Short-circuiting 'peacekeeping' talks by appealing directly to the United Nations and its various arms, firmly held in the control of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Unaligned coterie, ensure a sympathetic hearing to the Palestinians' plaints.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reviled the United States, spoken with utter contempt of the financial lifeline of billions it has received in the past 70 years to keep Palestinian 'refugees' afloat and their leaders in secret affluence, maligned the President of the United States, slandered Jews and Israel, but this is his right as a duly, democratically elected leader, even if subsequent elections after the expiration of his mandate have been long overdue, somewhat reducing the legitimacy of his authority.

It is typical of the Palestinians that they have the right through divine entitlement to bellicosely threaten repercussions, to express vengeful hatred of others, yet recoil in injured innocence when their utterings are reciprocated. Erekat knows very well that the agenda being pursued by the Palestinian Authority, after persuading the European community that they seek peace, and abhor violence when the Arab conspiracy of linked national military forces were unable to destroy Israel, has become more subtly in line with the goal of destroying Israel through sheer force of numbers.

Numbers of refugees, to succeed where the numbers of armies deployed failed to. The original 700,000 Palestinians who fled as 'refugees' from a 1948 theatre of war that guaranteed them a swift return on the ashes of nascent Israel have since bloomed into an estimated five million successors whose 'right of return' would overwhelm Jewish majority status in Israel, rendering the Jewish State non-functional to its original purpose; as a homeland-haven for world Jewry on the geography of its original, ancient heritage.

A heritage that includes the exalted, sacred presence of the ruins of the Temples of Solomon, the original, destroyed by Assyrians, and its ancient replacement destroyed by Imperial Rome, each leading to expulsions and a diaspora. The most sacred sites in Judaism, not merely symbolic, but the heart and soul of the nation. Not only have the Palestinians co-opted the term "Palestinian" whose authentic meaning was descriptive of the original Jews living in the territory, but also Judaism's saints and iconic historical sites commemorating Judaic events and notables.

The immense Temple of Solomon seated atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is symbolic of the never-ending story of Jewish persecution. Over the ruins of the second Temple were built Islamic structures, the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the elevation named by Arabs the Noble Sanctuary from whence the Prophet Mohammad was said to have ascended on a horse, up to heaven. When east Jerusalem was illegally occupied by Jordan, its Jewish residents were killed or exiled. No Jews were permitted entry.

Now, the PA insists there is no Judaic history nor heritage presence there, despite the ancient presence of the Western Wall which is all that is left of the Temple, and where Jews come to pray. Palestinians will not permit Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, and their occasional presence there becomes the occasion for threats, shouted insults, rock-throwing and other incidents of vandalism and violence against their presence. The PA's Mahmoud Abbas speaks of Jewish feet 'defiling' the Noble Sanctuary, inciting Palestinians to attack and to kill Jews.

It is these vicious attacks against Jewish men, women and children causing death by Palestinians urged to mount such deadly attacks that the Palestinian Authority honours by speaking of "martyrs" deserving of hero status, of having streets, buildings and squares named in their honour, teaching impressionable children that they too, can grow to become martyrs, and insisting that it is their right and sacred obligation to guarantee generous pay-outs to the families of "martyrs", the "wounded" and the "imprisoned" out of funds derived from international sources for the upkeep of the Palestinians.

Insisting that East Jerusalem, the seat of Israel's original capital in antiquity three thousand years ago, for which more than ample archaeological and scriptural evidence exists, is really the birthright of Arab Palestinians, the PA succeeded in persuading UNESCO to recognize all Judaic historical sites and icons as those of historical Palestinians, when the original Palestinians were Jews, in the process transferring them by UNESCO decree to the proud heritage of Arabs.

That recognition has aided the Palestinian Authority's entitlement claims to Jerusalem as a Palestinian state capital, leaving the Jewish presence and historical claims of legitimacy in a state of reality being trumped by political chicanery. The entitlements expressed by Palestinian Arabs know no bounds, including the claims by Mahmoud Abbas of a Jewish conspiracy to make the world believe that Jews ever lived in the Middle East, much less that their Prophets, including Christ, was a Jew.

They suffer, en masse, from a monumental psychological disorder that in Yiddish is called 'chutzpah' portraying themselves as victims of Jewish aggression, helpless and miserable under the heel of a Jewish conspiracy to commit genocide against an entire people, by another people who claimed they were victims of mass extermination by a fascist regime held in high regard by Palestinians in the 1940s, to the present day.

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