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Stifling Observations of Criminal Conduct

"In Canada we are seeing [sex trafficking and] as the awareness grows we definitely see more reporting of it but that doesn't mean it's not also following the global trend and increasing."
Arnold Viersen, Alberta Member of Parliament

"This terrible crime exploits human vulnerability created by poverty, racism, conflict and lack of social support networks."
Scott Bardsley, spokesman, Ministry of Public Safety, Canada
Unequal access to education, war, dire poverty, limited opportunities, and other forms of gender discrimination increase women and girls’ vulnerability to being trafficked. For instance, many women who fled Iraq to Syria during the US invasion in 2003 have been forced into prostitution.Furthermore, many women often emigrate to other countries for greater economic opportunities but are forced into sex work. To exacerbate the issue, countries such as Saudi Arabia not only lack adequate anti-trafficking laws but also do not provide victims with much needed support. Most women who are victims of sex trafficking and exploitation will not report these horrendous crimes for fear of social stigma.
Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality

There likely hasn't been a time in human history when sex trafficking hasn't been a problem in any society. The exploitation for sex of children, teens and emerging adults has always soiled societies. The social contract of civilized nations recoils at the very thought of children being used in this obscene, anti-humane manner, taking away their right to control their most intimate of bodily functions in a corrupt and truly disgustingly vicious manner.

Child pornography and sexual predation of children and young people by practised sex groomers remains a curse and a virtually unstoppable grotesque stain on the human conscience.

The truth that among decent people live others whose contorted minds thrive on the excitement they crave imagining sex with children is a painful one, but a reality. When such people are discovered to have committed these criminal acts they are condemned and the system of justice is called upon to find them guilty or innocent of committing these unforgivable acts and to find the appropriate punishment for degrading society in general and despoiling the lives of the vulnerable.

A Peel (Ontario) Regional Police poster targeting victims of sex trafficking. (Peel Regional Police)

The release of a new Statistics Canada report appears to validate that most human trafficking victims in Canada represent women and girls under age 25, and most of those charged with the crimes of availing themselves financially on the proceeds of grooming their victims for providing sex services, are men between the ages of 18 and 34. The statistics were garnered from police reports on human trafficking.

According to the report, 340 human trafficking  incidents were reported in 2015 representing a substantial increase from the 50 that were reported back in 2009, the first year that these numbers were being tracked. A rate of one incident of human trafficking for about every 100,000 people in the Canadian population represents the highest incidence rate Canada has ever experienced, although the general consensus is that the true victim vulnerability rate is under-reported, thus even higher.

According to the report, children under age 18 represented more than a quarter of the total victim number, and a third were trafficked over international borders. A new government all-party parliamentary group that meets with a view to end human trafficking, responded to the report confirming global trends indicating the situation is increasing in severity. Canada lacks a national strategy to deal with such sex crimes against women.

What's more the number of convictions for the commission of human trafficking has been declining steadily for the past three years, even while reported incidents have been on the increase. In 2016, 107 people faced charges of  human trafficking in 68 cases, resulting in ten convictions. Five convictions were seen in 2017 when78 people were charged in 47 cases.

In Britain, scandals have been unleashed with the public admission that gangs of Muslim men had been grooming British girls for years, for work in the sex trade. Thousands of lives had been tarnished and irremediably psychologically bruised for life through the propensity of the authorities not to 'notice' the prevalence of sex trafficking, mostly because of fear of being charged with racism because the 'groomers' were Muslim.

The Koran offers would-be traffickers ample support in various of the encouragements written to advise men that women not of their faith, under conquest, can be regarded under Islam as objects of sexual gratification. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant used the Koranic principles as their justified guide when they murdered tens of thousands of Yazidi men and kidnapped a like number of children and women to be sold and bartered as sex slaves.

An astonishing number of crimes and criminal offences linked to drug trafficking, gang activities and violence and gun ownership can be tracked back to Muslim offenders, but to emphasize their over-representation in criminal activities is verboten everywhere in Europe and North America, viewed as impolitely undiplomatic to focus on the perpetrators' religion, although it is their religion that has given them the green light to proceed as they do.

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