Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kill Or Be Killed: Nature's Wild Creatures?

Speakers at a recent conference sponsored by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies emphasized, one after another, the various stratum of devotion to military jihad of fanatical Islam existing among the Taliban, marking the hard-core jihadis completely dedicated to blood-letting on a mass scale reflecting a group whom no amount of reason could ever dissuade from their path of scourging the world of infidels.

They are called the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan where they have surfaced as the righteous warriors of Islam, but exist elsewhere in the world wherever Muslims live in majority numbers, and where Arab Muslims fulminate against the lesser strains of Islamic piety. Their bitter cause is the submission of the ummah to Western infiltration of Muslim values, rather than utter submission to the will of Allah.

Their overweening intent is the eradication in all Muslim lands of Western influence, and at the same time, wreaking bloody revenge on symbols and governments and citizens of the West whose blighted influence has impaired Muslim purity. To wage holy war is their only purpose in life. To martyr themselves to the cause of Islamist jihad inspires them.

These are people whose purpose, values and aspirations are primitively devoted to tribalism. Despite the passage of millennia, they are Bedouin at heart, a people accustomed to waging war to achieve possession of scarce resources in a sere desert environment. A people who forged allegiances not of brotherly compassion, but through existential need.

When Muhammad - whom the Angel Gabriel, sent by Allah to inform and guide as a mentor to the chosen Prophet - died, the succession fell into disarray. Muhammad was a charismatic leader who fulminated against those who failed to accept Islam, and who managed through sheer force of arms and determined skill to spread Islam among disparate Arab tribes.

On the Prophet's death, one tribe after another, seeing no need to continue paying tithes, left Islam, breaking with the ummah. They were seen as apostates in renouncing Islam, but they saw it as their treaty having lost meaning and withheld tribute funds to Medina. The first Caliph to succeed Muhammad, Abu-Bakr, understood that the lack of financing and lost unity would destroy Islam.

He did as Muhammad before him had done, sending armies out under his great generals to force the tribes back into the ummah and the tribes capitulated one after another, to be forgiven their transgression. But Abu-Bakr looked for a greater cause that would restore solid unity between Arab tribes and he found it in the Bedouins' inherited genetic energies of combat.

He turned their attention to the lands and territories of the Byzantine and Persian empires. Enlisting them in an expansive jihad to increase immeasurably the lands of the ummah. One after another, in speedy succession Rome's Middle Eastern presence (Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Cyrenaica) fell to the Islamic hordes. Then came North Africa, and eventually part of Europe, most notably Spain.

That ancient ritual of conquering other lands, other peoples, to enrich the Islamic collective has never faded into the obscurity it deserves in a modern world of disparate religions, politics, national borders. Those same experts speaking at the conference, people well schooled in the matters of social-political-religious affairs of the North-West Frontier Province in Pakistan have one answer for effectively dealing with the Taliban.

In the case of the dedicated jihadis, there is one solution and one only, to destroy them. Destruction translates as meting out death to them, in equal response to their dedication to mass slaughter in the pursuit of their deadly and death-dealing cause.

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