Sunday, October 17, 2010

Resolutely Implacable

Europe is coming alive to the reality that things are not working out too well for them through decades of immigration that have brought millions of migrating Muslims seeking to advantage themselves by living in free societies with sought-after social benefits. Somehow, the melding of populations has not occurred, neither the 'mosaic' model, nor the multicultural one, nor the pluralist vision has borne the fruit of integration.

Moreover, while Muslims in the main do seem to want to enter the society they have become part of, the established councils representing their interests - and theirs alone - seem to be comprised of combative, antagonistic, bellicose and demanding leaders. Who insist, in a free and open society, that their religion should be recognized as exceptional among all others, and their religious culture entitles them to the installation of Sharia.

It is an unfortunate reality that social customs have been imported into European countries that are inimical to indigenous social mores. It is another unfortunate reality that Muslims have brought with them ages-old antipathies and restless tribal disagreements. They have also brought along their violent sectarian sensibilities.

And while many are gainfully employed, many more appear over-represented on social welfare roll-outs in Western societies. Honour-killings, the dehumanization of women who like automatons appear in public when they must, but attired in all-encompassing garb, the bullying of young girls to honour traditions leading to early marriage, all cheapen life.

They are, as a result, costly to the countries they have been drawn to, in social affect and in economic terms. The most disturbing element is the seemingly broad consensus among Muslims, led by too many militantly-entitled leaders, that their religion-based laws supersede the laws of the land.

Taking exception to the freedoms they have accepted as their due, and belligerently reacting to the freedoms of others when they appear furiously to impact on Islam.

With them has come a virulent pathology of anti-Semitism, infecting the societies they infiltrate. A racist scourge that was not so long ago put to rest, has come screeching back, to be amplified and re-born as the natural state of Jews in civil society; despised outsiders.

Perhaps much of the problem lies in the historical militancy of Islam, one that appeals hugely to the modern-day faithful.

It is not just the growing emergence of hostile radicals being transformed to violent jihadists posing a threat to the Western world, seen by them as degraded societies ripe for Islamic take-over. It is the Islamic masses who respond with fanatical outrage whenever it is helpfully pointed out to them by rabid Islamists that Islam and its Prophet are being blasphemed.

The purported rumour of a Koran being desecrated, the outrage of mocking cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad as the desert warrior that he historically and accurately was represented, is enough to send a tsunami of frenzied Muslims into rampage mode, savagely looking for the offending kuffars.

"Death to America", and "Death to the Zionists", is a familiar refrain. Along with the dreaded "Allahu Akbar" at which point things have reached a deadly crescendo.

Arab Islamism threatens the world order. Those same proponents of Islamism instill outrage in the masses by claiming Islamophobia has caused untold suffering to Muslims who have been and will continue to be victimized by it. The mass murder of Muslims by fellow Muslims is handily overlooked.

As long as Muslims and their spokespeople represent as venomously hostile to their countries of refuge, with the intention of stealthily infiltrating positions of power leading to intentions of installing Islamic laws and customs, they remain a threat to Western civil society. And this, without the urgent threat that keeps surfacing, of terrorist attacks.

Conciliation between East and West, Islam and Christianity - and Hindus and Judaism, Buddhist and Sikh can only be possible once the Muslim hierarchy no longer express contempt for the West and for other religions. Islam has, in the final analysis, shown itself to be a decrepit religion, unable to adapt to changing times; averse to enlightenment and resurgent in militancy.

It is past time for Muslims of every stripe, ordinary Muslims, to create a unified front against the radicals among them, denying them the opportunity to corrupt and entrap their youth, indoctrinating and inducting them into jihad. For all our sakes, it is past time for Muslims to lay down their antagonisms against other religions and cultures, and when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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