Monday, May 28, 2012

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 Sacred Slaughter

They were born, as are we all,
with tender flesh but not
of tender hearts.  Primitive savagery
was their inheritance, and it was
deliberately installed secure
within their tribal psyches
as a grim memorial to the past;
distant but never beyond memory.
Bitter rage and biting hatred
of those not of their superior clan
was carefully instilled as they
outgrew infancy to attain the
maturity of tribal justice and
the assurance that The Prophet
(may peace and blessings be upon him) 
approved only of their brand of Islam, 
scorning all others.  That scorched 
core of their hearts became the stone 
of heartlessness enabling the
pitiless slaughter of the feeble,
pregnant women, the aged and the
tender under-aged, silt upon the Earth,
better destroyed than to degrade
Islam with their sectarian impurities,
those miserable apostates, those
scum on the glorious face of Islam.
Horror to the compassionate
onlooker, the kuffar and infidels;
a blessed duty of those enjoined
to jihad and sacred martyrdom.

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