Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Resolving Questions Into Action

"Questions need to be raised about the accreditation, public funding and charity status of the organizations involved."
"[The report is] intended to focus public attention on the requirement to have a national level discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in Canada."
"The government of Canada may wish to pursue a wider investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood with a particular focus on its activities in Canada and the U.S.A. Co-operation or information sharing with the proposed investigation in the United Kingdom may be useful."
report authored by Tom Quiggin, expert in terrorism; former Privy Council intelligence analyst

"We are aware that the U.K. is doing a review on the MB [Muslim Brotherhood]. We will be determining any possible next steps in short order."
Adam Hodge, spokesman, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird

The newly-released study suggests the Government of Canada might wish to follow the initiative of the United Kingdom to launch an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood which has established a "significant presence" in Canada. Describing the Brotherhood values as the "antithesis" of Canadian laws and values, the study goes on to recommend strongly that Ottawa deny public support and charitable status to organizations affiliated with the Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood's raison d'etre is the promotion of political Islam. Founded in Egypt in the 1920s by Sunni Muslim cleric Hassan Al-Banna, it aspires to create a "world living under the tranquility of Islam". Which would require the domination of the West under a global Caliphate. Mandatory memorization of the Koran would be taught in special schools to ignite "the spirit of Islamic jihad" in youths.

Alas, most people in the West have become familiar with Islamist tranquility. It merits a failing grade.

Al-Banna was welcomed in Saudi Arabia, when Egypt was less than enamoured with his message, honoured as a great Islamic scholar there, and his writings fit in very well with Saudi religious fanaticism, the Wahhabi school of religious Islamism. His thesis inspired the Saudi financing of madrasses all over the Middle East and the near SouthEast as well North Africa and in countries of the West, where impressionable young Muslims are taught to recite the Koran, and little else.

And from whose ranks sprang today's Islamist jihadis. Pakistan an outstanding metaphor for the production of Wahhabi-inspired jihad. An offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in revenge for his signing a peace treaty with Israel. The terrorist group Hamas, on Canada's outlawed terrorist group, is another offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas and the Muslin Brotherhood enjoy support within certain groups of Canadian Muslims.

Most countries of the Middle East have attempted to diminish the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, with its established branches all over the MidEast and North Africa. The Brotherhood appeals to the huge numbers of disenfranchised and indigent poor within the regions. It has gained their support through its expressed sympathy with their plight, offering social assistance and welfare to those in need, and spiritual guidance toward its Islamist vision. Hence, a passionate following.

British prime minister David Cameron ordered an investigation into the Brotherhood's activities in his country, and its links to violence and extremism. A month ago Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney publicly announced the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy -- Canada (IRFAN) was placed on Ottawa's list of banned terrorist groups. IRFAN brought attention to itself by merging with the Jerusalem Fund for Human Services a Muslim Brotherhood unit.

IRFAN had funnelled funding to Hamas-linked groups. A registered charity at the time of this declaration, its charitable status has been revoked, with the RCMP investigating its activities, despite IRFAN's denial of involvement in funding Hamas. Writing in the Winnipeg Free Press, Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, stated that Mr. Quiggan has written a "conspiracy-laden diatribe that, in a sweeping stroke, smeared our long-standing Canadian organization as 'terrorists' and despicably suggested we intend to destroy Canada from within".

The report lists other Canadian organizations, some of which are also federally regulated charities, he claims are also aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact some of their executives have departed Canada to take up positions with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. He suggests a probe should be mounted to examine which Canadian groups with Muslim Brotherhood affiliation have charitable status and access to government.

Additionally, the Canada Border Services Agency may also want to screen foreign nationals to ascertain whether they have membership in the Brotherhood. Those advocating the spread of Muslim Brotherhood ideology should be required to register as lobbyists.

Better yet, why not outlaw them entirely? And do all of that forthwith.

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