Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unconventional Indeed!

"It is an unconventional solution, but I will not declare a war on Israel. It is a political and diplomatic solution."
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will tell the UN that Palestinians want independence immediately.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will tell the UN that Palestinians want independence immediately. Amr Nabil, The Associated Press

"This should be done through a mechanism to compel Israel as the occupying power to end its occupation and agree on a timetable for the implementation of the withdrawal."
Unnamed Palestinian Authority spokesperson

There it is yet again, the threat to go directly to the United Nations to obtain assent from that august body for the Palestinians to be formally invested as a fully autonomous sovereign state. Bypassing negotiations with the State of Israel, relating to boundaries, re-settlement, and above all issues relating to security and control of the all-too-willing 'martyrs' among the Palestinians eager to martyr Israelis along with their own honourably-blessed deaths.

Cast as the perennial villain for having the intolerable audacity to protect itself from martyr-crazed Jew-haters, Israel would be signing its own death warrant to agree to a state existing alongside its own with complete sovereignty, and the right to have a national army and police force, which would continue to pose an existential threat to Israel's existence.

This is, after all, the PA that sees fit to adopt an education curriculum that excludes Israel from its maps, where 'Palestine' encompasses the entire region. It is also the Authority which lauds and incites to 'resistance', double-speak for violence-against, of the 'occupiers' oppressing the Palestinians who wish to destroy Israel and to be free to continue to mount suicide operations against civilians and the IDF alike.

Why would any country in their collective good sense agree to welcoming a next-door neighbour's legally-internationally-recognized presence as a stand-alone state, while its ongoing agenda is the destruction of its very presence next door? And that's only Fatah, within the West Bank. There is also Gaza, with its even more hateful Hamas terrorist rulers sworn to the obliteration of Israel from the geography.

But there it is, Palestinian President Abbas is preparing to once again appeal to the international community to force Israel to respect a deadline to end its 'occupation' of lands it captured in the 1967 Mideast war -- when tiny Israel once again responded to a collective national Arab-military attack against its occupation of its own traditionally heritage territory as an original occupant of Palestine, -- by demolishing the armed forces sent to destroy it.

President Abbas is beside himself with frustration over the failure of the dismal peace talks with Israel which have gone nowhere in their repeated demands on the Palestinian side which Israel could commit to only at the risk of helping to destroy itself. Lands claimed by the Palestinians now were rejected by them in the past as insufficient for they rejected the partition of Palestine, insisting it was entirely theirs by right of occupation and conquest.

Another occupation and 'conquest' bequeathed them back to the original inhabitants, but somehow that is not seen as official and as lasting, as far as the Palestinians are concerned. Now that Mr. Abbas sees himself on the cusp of reasserting authority over Gaza he dreams of a unified nation for the Palestinians where they are unified only in their rejection of the presence of a Jewish homeland.

The stark reality is that statehood would -- as present conditions prevail, where the Palestinian Authority, no less than Hamas, holds suicide bombers in great esteem, celebrates their 'resistance', honours them by name streets and public squares after them, holds them up as heroes to children to emulate, and pays a stipend to their families in honour of their sacrifice -- not auger well for Israel, guaranteeing them security.

The utter madness of the State of Israel, taking unto itself the responsibility to treat sick Palestinians whom their own medical system is incapable of dealing with, of Israel democratically giving citizenship to all its citizens, Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, and providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, along with energy and water and gas, supports the Palestinians' civil requirements even while the Palestinians foment hatred toward the Jewish State, is monumental.

To the vanquished go the spoils....

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