Friday, April 22, 2016

Iran, Forgive Us 

"Iran is blessed. At a time when bombs go off in public places throughout the Middle East and war is at our doorstep, we have a stable, safe and healthy environment for our citizens and for those visiting and doing business with us. This is due to both the vigilance of our government and the character of our people. We take pride in using our resources for universal health care and education and advanced science and technology rather than wasteful military spending."
"Our people want nothing more than peace and cooperation with our neighbors and the world at large. We have not launched a war in more than two centuries and continue to make an unequivocal commitment of never commencing such foolishness. We challenge all our detractors — large and small — to commit likewise."

This transformed Iran which only violates the human rights of the Baha'i by imprisonment and torture, and its other citizens for collusion with the West against Iranian interests by capital punishment to cure them of their deviant ways, is now open for business, coyly reminding the world that the fabled Silk Road of ancient commerce ran through Iran, and inviting the world to return and see for themselves.
"I urge my counterparts around the world to reflect on what has been achieved through diplomacy rather than threats, sanctions and demonization. Today, Iran, for millennia a vital bridge between East and West, remains the most stable, safe and inviting stop along our stretch of the Silk Road. My government remains committed to constructive engagement and my initiative for a regional dialogue forum. A window has opened, and we hope our counterparts will seize on the opportunity it brings so that we may all return our focus to shared objectives and challenges."
Wonderful, peace-loving, misunderstood, but patient and forgiving Iran!

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