Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Ascendancy of British/Muslim Integration

"There is a life-and-death struggle for the soul of British Islam — and this is not a battle that the rest of us can afford to sit out. We need to take sides."
"Four per cent — the equivalent of more than 100,000 British Muslims — told the researchers that they had sympathy for people who take part in suicide bombing to fight injustice. Asked if they knew that someone was involved with supporting terrorism in Syria, just one in three would report it to the police."
"There is one truly terrifying finding. Muslims who have separatist views about how they want to live in Britain are far more likely to support terrorism than those who do not. And there are far too many of the former for us to feel that we can gradually defeat the threat."
"Liberal-minded Muslims have been saying for some time that our live-and-let-live attitudes have allowed a climate to grow in which extremist ideas have flourished within Britain's Muslim communities. Our politicians have tried to reassure us that only a tiny minority hold dangerous views."
"All the while, girls are shipped off to have their genitals mutilated, young women and men are being pressured into marriages they do not want, and teenagers are being seduced into donning suicide vests or becoming jihadi brides."
"We have 'understood' too much, and challenged too little — and in doing so are in danger of sacrificing a generation of young British people to values that are antithetical to the beliefs of most of us, including many Muslims."
"In my view, we have to adopt a far more muscular approach to integration than ever, replacing the failed policy of multiculturalism."         Trevor Phillips, former head, Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission
This is the man who in a previous incarnation, led the critical battle in Britain against the shameful misunderstanding of Islam. He is now engaged in a massive mea culpa. This is no mere shutting of the barn doors after the horses have run off. He has been an enabling force of great influence in persuading official Britain and the British population that it is their duty to embrace Islam through the proliferation of Muslims within the larger British population as an important demographic.

It is thanks to people like him and to the atmosphere they peddled of inclusiveness and welcome that Britain now finds its culture, its heritage and its public security threatened. But he has had a change of heart for it seems that since his 1997 report: "Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All" was released something caused him to open his eyes and permit his intelligence to parse what he was witnessing. "Islamophobia" became a shameful symbol of racial and religious bigotry under his influence. And he is now disowning the concept he coined.

The emerging criticism of mass migration from the Muslim world was stilled under the chiding influence of this man and his report. He feels differently about the situation now, however. Now, however, twenty years on, how does he propose to turn back time and in acknowledgement of unwanted critical changes to his country, remediate what he helped create? The documentary which he now helped to create, "What British Muslims Really Think," which aired on April 13 effectively informed the country that it has been occupied.

Much of the country was already aware of that. And some of the areas that have been heavily weighted in occupation find themselves in the throes of criminal gangs disrupting society, targeting the vulnerable, and installing criminality as a way of life. That quite aside from the British Muslim masses rejecting traditional British values and national laws, decrying them as unworthy and insisting forcefully that Sharia be fully implemented throughout the British Isles. This is reflective of Islamic prosetylizing and of jihad.

In a typical statement in response to the poll's results, the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Council of Britain derided the poll's lack of "academic rigor", and that it would "do nothing but harden attitudes on all sides". and with understated diplomacy asserted:
"Many British Muslims will find it bemusing that commentators and the media have constantly tried and failed to paint a picture of British Muslims at odds with the rest of the country. The way this poll has been formulated and presented in this climate of fear against Muslims is most unfortunate."

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