Thursday, May 26, 2016

Taking A Valium

There has been a flood of revelations about the ambitions of Hillary Clinton pursuing her dream of becoming the first American female to assume the position of President of the United States. The dynasty her husband started with his own presidency and which he besmirched with his sexual gadabouts as a predator identified her as a woman who preferred to remain loyal to a man for whom loyalty was a gift best worn by someone other than himself. They were both engulfed in scandals while living in the White House; improprieties of both a financial and a sexual nature.
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton faces an uneasy time over her private email use.

But Bill Clinton was one of those people that scandal refused to besmirch even when talk of impeaching him was bandied about by those who viewed his unfortunate tendencies as insulting to the gravitas of the presidency, even while some of his predecessors' sexual gamboling made his own look amateur by comparison. In the last decade and more there have been suggestions of illicit and inappropriate conduct though the Clintons' charity; selling access to power to powerfully wealthy Gulf States, as example.

Controversy has dogged her presidential campaign. While women voters in America are overjoyed that a woman now has the opportunity to challenge for the position of president, enough so to overlook what many claim is her opportunistic shallowness as a member of an insider Washington clique, no longer the outsiders they once were from Arkansas, she has had to contend with the advances made in the public mind of a more populist, left-challenger in Bernie Sanders.

She is haunted by the recently released State Department's audit findings, made more complex by the fact that a contender for the presidential nomination is being investigated by the FBI in a criminal investigation. She has been less than forthcoming about her emails while Secretary of State, not passing through the usual security channels with her use of a private server. And nor did she, as she claimed turn over all relevant communications to the State Department.

Senior staff serving her at the State Department informed Ms. Clinton that she should be routing her emails on State email accounts. Her server was shut down more than once as a result of some outside source attempting on occasion to have access to it, and to her communications. The FBI is investigating whether state secrets had been compromised under her watch and her responsibility.
'Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Getty Images    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

That is the candidate for the Democratic Party. Who has not yet locked up the candidacy for the party. But her challenger in the Republican Party, a man whose credentials as a charlatan are more than a match for her own as an entitled yet unentitled candidate for the presidency based on her record of achievement and lack thereof, has locked into the Republican candidacy for President of the United States.

That very fact has caused migraine headaches throughout the world community, not only for politicians but for business leaders, human rights groups, financial institutions and nations depending on the decision-making and involvement in international fora of the United States of America. That a chauvinistic braggadocio elitist with a common tongue, a short fuse and a lack of intelligence and foreign policy understanding may influence the electorate sufficiently to vote him into office is everyone's nightmare.

The choice now being, it would seem, thralldom to a little nightmare that will only moderately besmirch the office and send the international community into apprehensive palpitations, or desperate dependence on the happenstance occurrences of a bleak, black nightmare of incomprehensible proportions should an egotistical buffoon whose decisions will be entirely impulsive in nature and informed by ignorance give the globe collective heart failure.

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