Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trumpian Sexist/Bigoted Flatulence

"The only thing I can say is hopefully, hopefully, our patriotic movement will overcome this terrible deception."
"Right now I am being viciously attacked with lies and smears. It's a phony deal. I have no idea who these women are."
Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate
Mike Segar / Reuters
"It's coming in ['evidence' putting the lie to women's claims of Trump's sexual attacks], frankly, probably in a matter of hours."
"It's astonishing to see the enormous coverage of these, of these really unfounded allegations, unestablished allegations, compared to an avalanche of emails coming out of Hillary Clinton's years as secretary of state."
Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Trump running-mate

"You don't have to be a husband or a father to know that that kind of language [Trump's crude, sexist maunderings], those kinds of thoughts, those kinds of actions are unacceptable. They're not right.."
"You just have to be a decent human being."
U.S. President Barack Obama
Decent human being? Trump? Not even luke-warm. He is imbued with all the qualities of arrested adolescence; arrogance, block-headedness, ignorance, self-centeredness, hostility, resentment, racism, and rampaging sexism. His abysmal lack of experience, knowledge, judgement, diplomacy, integrity and the over0abundance of all the traits that signal its owner is anything but decent, mark the man's traits, his inner personal. What he spouts is what he is.

All of which is so self-evident in his lack of restraint even under duress, that it is gob-smacking unbelievable that a purported two out of five Americans inform pollsters they intend to vote for this sad excuse for a man. Those who have the impression that it is uneducated, rural and poor men who find his off-the-cuff assertions compelling, fail to notice that supposedly intelligent observers have succeeded also in rationalizing their support for this ignorant boob.

Governor Mike Pence, as well as other high-ranking Republicans in the public eye who continue to express their faith in the Republican candidate for president, simply and eloquently proffer proof of their own lack of integrity and trustworthiness through their unforgivable lapse of judgement, ethics and morality. They appear to have suffered no pangs of conscience by surrendering their moral principles and judgement in their professions of rank hypocrisy.

By:  James Barrett
October 14, 2016

The entire situation facing the American nation, having to decide for whom to vote in a contest between two individuals, one of whom appears marginally superior to the abysmal inferiority of her male counterpart, represents a dark comedy of tragic proportions. What, truly, has become of the perceptive capacity of a nation? Each day brings fresh revelations, none of which do credit to the hopes of Americans as both presidential candidates continue to stew malodorously in the pot of their own malfeasance.

There is some bleak relief on the horizon with news that the least calamitous of the two candidates has pulled ahead in polls, and that the Republican National Committee has failed to raise funding equal to amounts it can generally be expected to be awarded by their faithful followers. The true pity is that someone of the ilk of Mitt Romney was not chosen to represent the now-disgraced Republican party of Abraham Lincoln.

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