Saturday, November 26, 2016

What France Is This?

There was a time in Israel's early history as a Jewish State that the United States kept its distance, while France stepped in to help. France was in fact responsible for giving Israel help with establishing the Dimona nuclear plant. France supplied Israel with the plans, the expert personnel, with the material it would need to build the nuclear plant. And France also partnered with Israel, supplying it with military materiel it required to defend itself from the various attempts by its neighbours to destroy the nascent state before it could fully establish itself.

The French city of Marseille has an estimated 30 to 40 percent Muslim population and has been ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe  -- FrontpageMag

Things began to change when General Charles De Gaulle assumed power, viewing Israel with hostile suspicion and stopping the exchanges between France and Israel. At that time Jews had lived in France for many hundreds of years, through the diaspora where Jews had been scattered throughout the world for millennia. Gradually France began absorbing Muslims from its former colonial era in the Middle East and Africa when former colonies shed the mantle of French oversight and war with Algeria took place.

Now, France, like Germany, has an Muslim population of six million dominating the country's concerns and they represent ten percent of the population. It is a growing population, despite the fact that Muslims have failed to integrate into French society and have never fully accepted its values and its laws. Instead, a full one-third of French Muslims await the installation of Islamic Sharia law. An even more disturbing reality is that the overwhelming majority of France's Muslim population is in support of jihad. More precisely they are enthusiastic about jihad against Israel.

There is an estimated 572 "no go zones", the infamous banlieues, squalid, dangerous ghettoes crowded with French Muslims where a brooding anger against France and non-Muslims simmers and where French police dare not venture, knowing the danger and the consequences should they defy the reality that presents itself at their presence where they are not welcome. Apart from the normal immigration from the Muslim world, there has been a flood of "migrants" coming along from Africa and the Middle East, creating discord and insecurity in French cities.

A Niqab veiled woman poses in front of the French National Assembly to protest against France's ban on wearing full-face niqab veils in public, in Paris in 2011.
A woman poses in front of the French National Assembly to protest against ban on wearing full-face niqab veils in public, in Paris in 2011. Time

And that aside, there is another reality, that France is one of the European nations providing large numbers of Muslims who travelled abroad to arrive in Turkey en route to Syria and Iraq, to fight the good fight of jihad with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. And since ISIL has been facing shrinkage of its caliphate and military opposition to its presence in both countries, ISIL terrorists of European derivation have been returning to their countries of origin which now have to contend with the manner in which they follow the activities of the returnees in hopes they will not attack at home.

French police officers are advised by their superiors that it is government policy that they not react to situations; if attacked they are not to retaliate but to absent themselves in fear of accelerating any such incidents into mob violence. In reaction to these orders police have organized protest demonstrations. French intelligence services appear to realize that jihadists have returned from the battlefield in the Middle East, prepared to act out their hostilities at home, fearing that riots may flare reflecting general Muslim discontent with the status quo.

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, angry with the European Union's condemnation of his disproportionate overreaction to the attempted military coup he claims was the work of the Gulenist movement, by arresting tens of thousands of Turkish civil servants, members of the police, the judiciary, the military, has warned Europe that it has some poisoned arrows in its quiver of retaliation. While some members of the EU have no wish to see Turkey invited to join their membership, France has been vocal in denying membership to Turkey.

Erdogan reminds Europe that his country has given temporary haven to three million Syrians. And those refugees would all love to depart Turkey for another destination entirely. So that despite Turkey's agreement with the EU that it would continue to detain the refugees to ensure that they are unable to continue their voyages across the Mediterranean heading for Europe, he may just encourage that passage as payback for the EU's evasion of Turkey's membership. France would face even greater numbers clamouring for entry.

In the corridors of the United Nations, France prefers to align itself with the Arab bloc. As it has done with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the 56 Islamic countries, along with the Palestinians. It is France which outstandingly encourages the Palestinian Authority to seek the legitimacy of United Nations membership, and to carry on from there to work for accommodation for full agreement that it be declared a state, side-stepping negotiating toward a two-state arrangement with Israel.

If France still nurses aspirations to become a world power in the class of the United States even with its Obama years of declining prestige, recognition, international action and intervention as the world's super-power, should it ever assume the mantle of next-in-line behind Russia and China, it will be as a semi-Muslim power, having shed its proud heritage as a Western democratic, secular nation whose pride in Liberty, Fraternity and Equality will have been horribly diminished.

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