Thursday, November 17, 2016

Facing an Uncertain Future

"[The concept of a registry for Muslims in America is] immoral and un-American. It also lacks a legal foundation."
"And if this idea transitions to something more serious and is implemented, civil rights organizations will see it in court."
"We're basically calling this 11/9."
"There's 9/11 and this is 11/9, and in some ways this is more traumatic for our community."
"[The day following Donald Trump's election victory there was] a moment of elation for some, and for others, a moment of horror [over electioneering policies becoming reality]."
Colin Christopher, deputy head, government affairs, Dar al-Hijrah, Virginia mosque

Infamously, while pursuing the candidacy for the presidency of the United States, the bumptiously ignorant real estate magnate turned egomaniac politician who promised to clean the Aegean stables of American politics of corruption and entitlements, made many rhetorical and obviously ill-thought-out promises that simply popped into the scatterbrained head of a man who delights in offending and pompously believes himself to represent a bastion of righteousness beloved of the common man. He is prepared to bring his own brand of corruption and entitlements to the Oval Office.

Some of his statements and promises directly impact on the American Muslim community, highlighting the fact that Islam is the progenitor of lethal violence across the Muslim world and into the non-Muslim world through its acts of barbaric atrocities and threats levelled at the degenerate west, some of which were carried through with horrifying results. New York, as example, is as dear to Trump as it is to the city's former mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. Granted, it is is not civil to speak of people whose religion is based on peace through violence as potential, ongoing and viral threats.

But the bandying about of Islamophobia as the motivating factor in attempting to debase Muslims handily skirts the issue of Islam generating threats to the entire world, including toward Muslims themselves. And while Muslim activists and community leaders speak of fear flooding Muslim communities across the United States, arising out of this man's threats to open a registry for Muslims and to supervise interrogations of Muslims wishing to enter the U.S., feeling themselves targeted, it's hard to feel too much sympathy.

Those Muslims now feeling themselves under the burden of suspicion and antagonism might have defended another North American community finding itself under threat and victim of violence, instead of supporting the Muslim movement that targeted Jews through their Zionist longings for a homeland in their traditional heritage home in the Middle East. When tormentors turn on others, bystanders do well to defend them for they might very well be next; Pastor Niemoller spoke of the failure to protest Nazi Germany's targeting of minorities only to find in so doing, eventually he too became a target.

The concern now in America that  -- absolutely, maybe --  Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Trump intimate advisor may be named as attorney general, a man who supports the idea of a Muslim registry, looming in the imagination of American Muslims as a threat to their equal status as citizens of that great country may come to fruition. The creation of a Muslim registration database is one that Trump has promised he "would certainly implement -- absolutely", drawing a reaction of fear and loathing from that very community.
Kris Kobach, secretary of state of Kansas. Credit Dave Kaup/Reuters.

Which has ample company, in Mexicans, people of colour, Jews and any who might be considered non-white Middle America of Mayflower lineage preferably. American Muslims are for the most part, legal immigrants who have achieved status in the United States as residents and citizens. Without doubt it is the millions of illegals lacking proper documentation whose lives have become a dark nightmare of speculation and fear. They are not all "criminals" and "rapists", just as not all Muslims are obviously jihadists.

The simple fact of the matter is that anywhere Muslims settle, in North America, throughout Europe, a blight of anti-Semitism has arisen to threaten the lives and futures of Jews who have lived there for countless centuries and find themselves now overwhelmed with the threats brought to bear through the introduction in those countries of large masses of Muslims from throughout the Muslim world, migrating to escape the confines of countries that intimidate and exploit them and threaten them and create conflicts that slaughter them. But the Jew is seen as their universal enemy and they bring their hatred of Jews with them.

It is hugely, highly doubtful that anyone, even someone of the ilk of Donald Trump, would take a wide broom to sweep all the human detritus he imagines exists in America into a great unknown void of uncertainty and insecurity other than as a passing fancy and certainly not an institutionalized reality; this is a man who enjoys playing with people's emotions, and appreciates being lauded for his perspicacity and intelligence. And America voted him in to high office.

Leaving the world atremble.

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