Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cold Comfort 

"[ISIL is planning] indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians [on a large scale reminiscent of the 1970s IRA bombings]. [This represents an] enormous ongoing risk which none of us can ignore."
"Of course the imminent fall of Mosul and perhaps the prospective retaking of Raqqa are both bound to lead to a higher instance of returning fighters. Does that mean that the British public need to be immediately alarmed at a spike in terrorist activity within this environment?"
"The answer to that is, I don't know, but it doesn't follow as a matter of fact that those who chose to go to live or fight abroad will bring that fight back to this country."
"It is possible to point to distinctions in terms of the mindset, organization and strategy of different terrorist groups and the comparison between Irish republicanism and the ideology of so-called Islamic State."
"But in terms of the threat that's represented, I think the intensity and the potential frequency of serious plot planning -- with a view to indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians of whatever race or colour in metropolitan areas -- represents an enormous ongoing risk that none of us can ignore."
"The sad fact is the threat in this country represented by what we now know as Daesh, so-called Islamic State, is high, is continuing and is not going to abate."
Max Hill, newly appointed United Kingdom terrorism watchdog 
anjem choudary islamic state debate              Anjem Choudary has backed ISIS and claimed UK law is not valid in Britain    [PA]
What a stunning statement. That the United Kingdom might be in danger of terrorist attacks. How far-seeing, and comforting that the man delegated to the position of intelligence observations forewarning the British establishment of imminent and impending dangers appears to be uncertain of whether his country will represent an irresistible target for the forces of Islamist jihad fulfilling their duty as the faith vanguards of Islamist conquest.

Britain is, after all, despite its quite large population of Muslims, still a 'country of war' in the lexicon of Islamic definitions through the Koran identifying any country not subjugated to Islamic rule as not having achieved peace, but rather submerged in its war against Islam through not having submitted to the sovereign reach of the Religion of Peace. The duty of all faithful Muslims is to take part in jihad, bringing peace to nations of war by waging the war of conquest to bring them into the Islamic fold.

Hoping that the hundreds of British jihadis that have left the sceptered isle to fight that battle overseas will eventually return to Britain to resume their former lives, giving Britain no reason to feel troubled over the possibility that, bringing their conflict experience with them, will embolden them to turn on Britain, is to remain blissfully oblivious to the motivations, aspirations and determination of Islam in 'pacifying' the world through jihadist terrorism.

Anjem Choudary muslim extremist shock claims         Anjem Choudary claimed a ban on jihadists returning to Britain would alienate Muslims [PA]
Which is rather strange, since Britain has received more than ample notice that its current status does not find favour with the Muslim world that it has imported through immigration. Some elements of the current status, like the greatly appreciated welfare system with its subsidized housing and generous payouts are seen as amenable, as is the dispensation to Sharia law, but it is intolerable for Muslims to live in a nation governed by non-believers, even if infiltration has succeeded in electing some Muslims to Parliament.

Lauding the capabilities of the British intelligence services in the wake of the 7/7 London bombings in 2005, Mr. Hill evidently believes that repeats of that violent demonstration of British Muslims expressing their loyalty to the nation where they were born and bred will not be repeated. This, though clerics give voice in their mosques to the full and completed Islamization of Britain not too distant in the future. A fairly good grounding has been established, after all, in Britain's own majority-Muslim enclaves.

"It's an enormous concern that large numbers -- we know this means at least hundreds of British citizens who have left this country in order to fight -- are now returning or may be about to return", he allowed, as a bit of a concern. "Enormous concern" was also warranted at the state of British teens as young as fourteen who are in the stages of radicalization through extremist videos and hate speech online. It seems he didn't bother mentioning the fact that Muslims who approve of violent jihad are rather in the majority.

What does he think highly of as a government dedicated to serving all its people equally? Approval of the ministers in Parliament who had given full assent to a compensation payment in the millions to Ronald Fiddler who had been detained at Guantanamo Bay. And who then travelled to Syria with his well-earned wealth to place it at the service of Islamic State, while he carried out a suicide mission in Syria.
British ISIS fighter Jamal Al-Harith, who called himself Abu Zakariya al-Britani, smiles before killing himself in a suicide attack in Mosul
British ISIS fighter Jamal Al-Harith, who called himself Abu Zakariya al-Britani, smiles before killing himself in a suicide attack in Mosul   Twitter

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