Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Drivers of Anti-Semitism Decry 'Islamophobia'

"The recent killings of Muslims praying in the mosque in Quebec City is not an accident. This is the direct result of dog-whistle politics -- the politics of fear and division."
"The elements who championed charter values, niqab ban, barbaric cultural practices tip line -- all targeted at Canadian Muslims."
"This had been building up for a period of time. Some day, something had to happen."
Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament, Liberal, Ottawa/Nepean

"It is unacceptable [accusations of Conservative incitement]. I think everybody has to be careful what is said in that room [Parliamentary chamber, House of Commons]."
"Canadians will judge who has the point, who has the most developed common sense in this argument."
Gerard Deltell, Member of Parliament, Quebec Conservative
Adam John stands with a Hamas flag, which he says he was holding as a Muslim flag. It caused a social media stir after a Palestinian protest in downtown Ottawa. Samantha Wright Allen / Ottawa Citizen

Mr. Deltell was referring both to the charges levelled by MP Chandra Arya and his Liberal colleague Omar Alghabra, a Liberal Member of Parliament from the Toronto area, who spoke in the House of Commons to ask whether Mr. Deltell "accepted some responsibility" [for] "the type of rhetoric" [held to be incendiary common on some Quebec talk radio stations. Both Liberal MPs, Muslims both, were accusing their Conservative colleagues of inciting to violence against Muslims through their criticisms of Islam.

Another Muslim Member of Parliament had introduced a motion to the House, asking it to investigate incidents of "Islamophobia", and to denounce within the Canadian discourse anything that its defenders characterized as "Islamophobic" in character. The motion speaks to discrimination against faith groups, but mentions "Islamophobia" in particular and in isolated exceptionalism. This motion was decried by the Conservatives in the House who indicated that with the removal of the word "Islamophobia" singling out Islam, they would accept the motion.

Their recommendation was met with a firm rejection. It is hardly surprising that Islam is criticized for its breeding, through its sacred scriptures, violence among its faithful. The Koran has numerous passages calling for jihad, and speaking of non-Muslims, Christians and Jews in particular as enemies who should be slaughtered. With that universal call among Muslims to jihad and the constant animus expressed against non-Muslims, Infidels, Christians and Jews -- kuffars -- violence rages globally.

The most Islamist of Muslim countries, Pakistan and Turkey, Iraq and Syria, are constantly in conflict, and the targets are not only non-Muslims, but other Muslims as well, dying in huge numbers, all worshippers of the same faith, but tribal and sectarian enmity has resulted in hatred and unremitting violence. Islam declares itself a religion of peace, while practising division, deceit and atrocities against Muslims, minority ethnic groups and other religions.

How surprising can it be that Islam, and the Prophet Mohammad who had spread his gospel by the scimitar not the holy word, sweeping through the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Asia in a bloody conquest, would not come under question for its alleged peacefulness? Particularly since it threatens and moves from threat to savage destruction and bloody slaughter, creating the world's largest number of refugees fleeing its wars on civilization.

And in Canada, where Muslims are insistent that they are unfairly targeted for discrimination, where "Islamophobia" threatens their security, it is the much smaller community of Jews who suffer violent acts of hatred expressed through anti-Semitism. The most prominent driver of anti-Semitism in Canada as it has been throughout North America and Europe, has been the flood of Muslims who have emigrated from their countries of origin to find security and economic futures abroad, who have spread their hatred of Jews, creating the viral climate of expanding anti-Semitism.

The long reach of the Muslim Brotherhood has inveigled their presence everywhere. The Hamas offshoot of the Brotherhood has its passionate supporters within Canada. Even while Hamas is on Canada's list as an outlawed terrorist group, members of Hamas as well as the Brotherhood have infiltrated Canada and attempt to influence government. They have enjoyed great success in calling for support and sympathy for the Palestinians, portraying them as suffering under Israeli occupation when in fact they are suffering under the maladministration of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza.

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