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Social Welfare, Society's Contract and Jihad

"It is an easy way for a terrorist to move forward and finance their activities at the expense of the taxpayer."
"All you have got to do is get yourself into university and then off you go."
"Often, they have no intention of turning up [to the academic courses signed up for, and paid on the public dime]."
David Videcette, former Metropolitan police detective, London

"The British system makes funds readily available to jihadist students without checks on them."
"There needs to be an inquiry."
Prof. Anthony Glees, director, Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies
Salman Abedi
Salman Abedi received thousands of pounds in student loans -- The Telegraph
They are popularly portrayed in the liberal press as "mad", "insane", 'lunatics", for who else would claim to be doing God's work by slaughtering innocent people? Well, perhaps people who have been exposed to a violent ideology calling itself a religion, from cradle to grave. From the time they are impressionable young children to that time when they are old enough to respond subconsciously to the ingrained need to identify with the creed that has instructed you that killing is part of your world view through your religion's sacred dictates, the indelible impression is made.

And these religion-impassioned adherents of Islam, the religion of peace, where peace reins wherever Islam does, and war is regent wherever Islam is absent, recognize their sacred duty as martyrs whose mission is to slaughter and by so doing instill the kind of fear that demands Islam be recognized as the only solution whereby that fear can be alleviated. The language of Islam includes deceit and manipulation as tools of conquest.

When in the West, make use of the Western conception of societal welfare and the language that accompanies it to acquire legitimization. And so, those who have migrated, those who have been born in the West and whose exposure to the Western way of life, incapable of dislodging the Islamic way of life consumed from cradle forward, learn to exploit what is available to them as part of the larger society, while remaining aloof from it, and using those benefits to attain their own ends.

Their ethos of self-pity that legitimizes their drive to revenge and terror is not a sign of lunacy, but one of visceral entitlement to persuade the unaware non-Muslim enablers of jihad to sympathize with their victimized state, offering them understanding and material and psychological support. While  happy to accord the title of 'racist' or 'Islamophobic' to any whose vision is clear enough to peer through the obfuscating veil of normalcy.

The welfare system in Britain and elsewhere throughout Europe that manifests itself in support for those who clearly cannot and will not assimilate toward Western social, cultural and legal status, endows the evil in their midst with generous living allowances, lest they strain themselves seeking the wherewithal to be self-supporting, even while they plot against the state that supports their right to freedom of thought and expression.

In so doing, supporting the belief of Islamists that they have the right to freedom of action, as demanded by the Koran and by the Islamist Hadiths enjoining the faithful to jihad. British taxpayer-funded student loans and benefits generously supported the Libyan Manchester bomber, enabling him to forward his plans to murder ordinary Brits in Salman Abedi's drive to martyr himself for the greater glory of Islam.

Even while he was overseas taking training in bomb-making he was receiving thousands of pounds as his personal entitlement under the British welfare system. Police, looking into Abedi's finances; how a man who had never been gainfully employed had more than sufficient funds to fly back and forth from Britain to Libya, to rent various addresses, to pay for the bomb-making equipment he planned to use to demonstrate his loyalty to Islam, have produced some uncomfortable truths.

British jihadists of which there are an estimated tens of thousands, are readily able to manipulate the welfare system along with the student loans system in Britain for the financing they require. Jihadists enrolling in university courses are not interested in becoming educated, but in collecting student loans. At least seven thousand pounds was given Abedi from the Student Loans Company when he had registered for a business administration degree in 2015 at Salford University.

Police teams have been searching the Fallowfield home of Salman Abedi for clues
Police teams have been searching the Fallowfield home of Salman Abedi for clues -- Getty Images

Another $12,000 came his way in 2016 for a new academic year. That he had already dropped out of the course, seemed immaterial. The university has 'declined' the invitation to explain whether it had informed the Student Loans Company that they should have ended funding for Abedi. And the Department for Work and Pensions too abstained from the invitation to explain whether Abedi had received benefits, inclusive of housing and income support.

He had rented a house to live in in south Manchester. And that was followed by the rental of two other properties where he could stay when he wasn't travelling back and forth to Libya, Syria and elsewhere to touch his ancestral roots and the legacy of his religion.

Abedi transferred his brother Hashim, above, £2,500 before the attack. Hashim is said to have known about the attack a month before
Abedi transferred his brother Hashim, above, £2,500 before the attack. Hashim is said to have known about the attack a month before -- Mail Onli

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