Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump To Rescue Venequelans

"We have many options for Venezuela and by the way, I'm not going to rule out a military option."
"A military operation and military option is certainly something that we could pursue."
U.S. President Donald Trump
Trump's military threat has Venezuelan dictator dancing for joy
Getty Images

No action emanating from outside the country could possibly be a greater guarantee that Venezuelans now railing against their leftist strongman's tactics to rewrite their constitution to favour his remaining in power by instituting a new law to enable that, than the United States, through its impulsive president echoing the goonish statements of Maduro himself, promising to invade their country to stop the great inheritor of Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution dead in his tracks.

The track record of the past that distinguished America's South American interventions that so infuriated the citizens of the countries interfered with by past presidents will not inspire confidence in Venezuela's population any more than had Colombia, now mopping up after its own long run with civil war, sought to challenge Venezuela's military. At least that would have been the inconvenient interference of a neighbour, most of whom have condemned Maduro's authoritarian rule.

A nation struggling with mass unemployment, food and medicine scarcity, a government imprisoning its political challengers, and mass protests in the streets hardly receives the news that a distantly alien country has hostile occupation thoughts occupying its busy agenda with equanimity. What's a country to do other than Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza sneering about the "boss of the empire" seeking to violate international law and the UN charter.

This, in the wake of their president having called for closer ties with the United States, requesting a meeting at the UN General Assembly next month with America's Trump. The response by President Trump was hardly what Maduro might have envisaged, but also hardly surprising, since Trump appears to be on a bit of a trajectory into war-speak, inviting North Korea's Kim Jong-Un to go ahead and make his day, and now promising to make Venezuela's day.

"If the impossible scenario of tarnishing our fatherland were ever to occur, our guns would arrive to New York, Mr. Trump, and we would take the White House", promised the son of Nicolas Maduro. "Solve  your own problems, Donald Trump. You have enough", he blustered. Doing his papa proud.

The unstoppable Mouth That Is Donald has now succeeded in supporting Venezuela's President Maduro's assurances to protesting Venezuelans that he is dedicated to protecting them from the intervention in their affairs by an America that is just looking to capture the nation's oil reserves. An assertion that most Venezuelans simply laughed off previously, but must now be giving second thoughts to.

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