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Germany's Disintegration

"[It is] regrettable that it was the victim that had to disappear from the other school while the others continued to enjoy its advantages."
"We learned there were many, many such incidents [occurring] everywhere in Germany."
Wenzel Michalski, head, German division, Human Rights Watch

How strange it is, that Nazi Germany set out a meticulous blueprint for genocide and succeeded to a remarkable degree in its dedicated pursuit of rounding up Europe's Jewish population into ghettos, transporting them to concentration and death camps, and managing to annihilate an estimated six million Jewish children, women and men, while prosecuting simultaneously, a world war with its Axis partners. Having lost World War II, Germany faced a paroxysm of guilt led by international condemnation of its fixation with deadly anti-Semitism.

World Jewry has not yet, after the passage of 76 years since the start of World War II, recovered. And it is problematical that it ever will. Germany has been attempting to live down its Fascist past, to make amends for the unspeakable atrocities it visited upon the world and most particularly upon the world of Judaism, for its extermination fixation. It has become an entirely other country whose culture hearks back to the refinement of pre-wars Germany. A Germany where Jews played an integral role in its culture, its literary, artistic and scientific preeminence as a cultivated and proud nation.

After the war, Germany found itself short of labourers and sought to fill the gap by bringing in temporary workers. Turkey, Germany's ally in the First World War, had ample workers willing to displace themselves and fill the gap of the worker shortage, advantaging themselves with well paid employment. The intention was that once their service to Germany was completed they would return to Turkey, but few made the effort, while Germany was not prepared to offer them citizenship. But it did eventually.

At the present time, given the conflicts raging in the Middle East and North Africa, Europe being overrun with an influx of migrants and refugees seeking haven from conflict and opportunities to advance themselves economically, the Muslim population in Germany taking advantage of the country's generous open doors, and social programs, stands at six million. Germans feel proud they have 'rescued' six million Muslims, a nice balance of the six million Jews whose lives were destroyed.

Ironically, the European Jews who perished were integrated into their societies, they were French, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Czech, Estonian, Dutch, Italian and from other countries all of whom surrendered their Jews who had lived among them for hundreds of years, when they were occupied by German troops, consigning them to certain death. German Jews placed their Germanness above their ancestry. German Turks, on the other hand, and other Muslims who have migrated to Germany, have not achieved the integration imagined, mostly because of Islam's 'differences', its grip on its faithful.
Muslims bow their heads during Friday prayers at the Turkish Kuba Camii mosque (Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters)

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have built numerous mosques in Germany to accommodate German Muslims and to ensure that no integration takes place, that Muslims maintain the integrity of their faith to Islam and Islam alone. Germany now goes out of its way to accommodate the 'differences'. In some schools the population of students is majority Muslim . In one, a 13year-old Jewish boy was isolated and exposed to monumental and brutal harassment in his high school with a 80-percent Muslim enrolment.

That his father is Human Rights Watch German division head helped him not one iota. Nor that is grandfather sits in the British House of Lords and is Government Advisor on Policing and Criminal Justice. When his parents approached the school that prides itself on inclusiveness, diversity and anti0racism, they had no idea that the anti-racism and inclusiveness referred only to Muslims. That their son was told "Muslims and Jews cannot be friends" because "Jews are murderers", and the constant aggression the boy suffered, including a "mock execution" where he was headlocked to close unconsciousness, was of little interest to the school administration.

The boy's mother was criticized for being "pushy", was advised that her son's "presence was provocative" to his attackers. No one was investigated, suspended or punished. The boy was taken out of the school and now attends a private international school. The story was publicized because the parents wanted it to be known, and many others came forward to speak of their similar experiences, all sharing a fear of speaking publicly. Chancellor Angela Merkel's government and the liberal elites ruling Germany, inclusive of the media, all portray the success of Muslim immigrant immersion in German culture and values.

That integration is superficial to the extreme. To begin with, it is foolish to think that anti-Semitism ever vacated Germany; it was kept under control, impolite to bare it in post-war society. With the surging presence of Muslims, it has been re-invigorated and finds a comfortable home there. What Germany succeeded admirably in suppressing in its indigenous population, it has reintroduced with its immigration policies, returning anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews to its traditional place in the country, but with a vengeance.

That vengeance will eventually sweep much further afield encompassing a much larger demographic as Germans increasingly find themselves displaced in their own country, their culture, their heritage, their values and their laws morphing into forms unrecognizable and utterly foreign.

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