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German Submission to Its Altered Culture

"[Establishing a safe zone sends a] devastating message."
"By doing so one is saying there are safe zones and unsafe zones for women that could result in] the end of equality, freedom of movement and self-determination."
Rainer Wendt, head, DpolG police union, Berlin
‘End of equal rights’: Police union chief blasts Berlin’s New Year’s Eve safe zone for women
Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

"This is a good opportunity to offer women a place to retreat to if they feel harassed."
Valeska Jakubowski, Berlin police spokesperson

"It’s doubtful that this will really prevent attacks. You would need to make up special zones for everybody, but this is not tangible. So, I think the policy should change."
"We should not continue to have this illegal mass migration. We have to count and see who the people are who came to our country; we have to register them."
Frank Hansel, member of parliament, Alternative for Germany (AfD)
New Year's 2016 stage show at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where this year's  New Year's Eve party is also taking place. The creation of a special safe zone for women at the annual New Year's Eve party drew criticism from a police union chief.
New Year's stage show at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The creation of a special safe zone for women at the annual New Year's Eve party drew criticism from a police union chief.  (Jens Kalaene / The Associated Press photo)
The fallout of Chancellor Angela Merkel having generously opened Germany's gates to over a million refugees and migrants from Syria, the wider Middle East and North Africa in the past several years wasn't long in arriving, when countless young, unattached males from Muslim-majority countries demonstrated their cultural attachment to the belief that unaccompanied females bewitching in their freedom, were ripe for the plucking.

New Year's Eve in 2015 proved to be quite an especial event, one that authorities made an effort to stifle, but failed to succeed in so doing, when over 1,200 women were sexually assaulted during celebrations taking place in a number of cities, most notably Cologne. Initially, the government grudgingly admitted that several hundred women had been assaulted, only to have their cautionary numbers overtaken by release of the true numbers. Several thousand newly-arrived men described as being of Middle Eastern descent were finally admitted to having been responsible.

And the result was that authorities finally understood where the threat was coming from, and something had to be done to prevent any recurrence. That something that needed doing turned out mounting a protective area in critical areas, since the monitoring and tracking of potentially thousands of men on the loose and seeking opportunities to mount sex attacks would be virtually impossible; that many police tasked for that singular purpose and deciding who qualified as a potential sex attacker would be an impossible goal.

It's difficult to determine which issue was recognized by authorities as more important; protecting women from rape, or protecting the massive number of refugees/migrants from accusations of violent rape. Women were outraged, needless to say, demanding that their stories of having been assaulted be taken seriously and that those responsible for making them vulnerable to such degrading violations of their human rights take the initiative to overturn their ill-thought generosity lacking sufficiently required preventives to ensure that people incapable of respecting German law and human rights were denied entry to the country.

Police union head Rainer Wendt's point is that the influx of young men seeking haven in Germany from their countries of origin where opportunities to advance themselves into a secure and remunerative future introduced Germany to another culture entirely, one where women's place is seen to be a hidden affair; women never venturing outside their homes unless they're 'modestly' garbed as per tradition and seldom on their own where male counterparts prowl as sexual predators and where women are held responsible for any violence committed upon them by men whom their presence has aroused.

And that by their very presence in such great numbers, undisciplined and oblivious by choice of German law and a prevailing culture of equality and respect for women's rights to be free in society, uninhibited by fears of violent molestation, Germany is accommodating itself to the presence of these rapists and teaching women that this is their new reality. The very establishment by the organizers of Berlin's annual open-air New Year's Eve party of a 'safety area' for women informs them that they must remain within those physical barriers, else if they venture without them they will be prey.

In this, the organizers have simply acceded to the new reality recognized by German authorities that in selflessly bringing in those seeking haven, they have surrendered peace and security to the social chaos that follows when young men spurn laws not their own, even if they regulate the greater society which has permitted them entry. The 2015 Cologne event at New Year's Eve where hundreds of women were assaulted and robbed, identifying their assailants as being of Middle Eastern descent has taught the government little.

The Berlin police themselves requested that a "Women's Safety Area" be established at the Brandenburg Gate in the midst of thousands of revelers, in emulation of a similar area set aside for women in Munich at Oktoberfest. The Red Cross awaited those seeking help, but in the event, there were still occurrences targeting women which police responded to, making a number of arrests. Chancellor Merkel conceded in her New Year's address to the nation the divisive nature of the concerns some in her nation profess in the social change attributed to the rise in migration.

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