Friday, July 15, 2011

Quiet Before The Storm

Protesters in Syria, those brave enough to keep coming out in huge numbers after the traditional Friday prayers, continue to do so, despite the regime's brutality. Bashar al-Assad is immovable. He promises reforms, but they will be reforms as he deems them necessary. Those who are now protesting will have to accept that the regime may somewhat alter its governance but the security situation that so many are fed up with, the emergency rule that hampers lives and stifles human rights is simply a fact of life in Syria.

And they must know that although the West decries the suffering that the regime has imposed upon them there is not much that can be done for them. They have demonstrated the courage of their resolve and they will have to continue doing just that. And many among them will be casualties of the brutal regime they live under. They will be arrested, they will be jailed, they will undergo torture and they will be tormented to death, some of them.

That is, those that escape being targeted as they attend funerals, as they march in Friday protest processions as they leave their mosques. Because of the violence and the turmoil that has occurred as a result of the ongoing protests against Syria's military rule, their country has been divesting itself of a very impressive arsenal of weapons. Entrusting them to the care of Hezbollah, in Lebanon. Which is delighted to receive them and plans to take exceedingly good care of them.

Until such time when the Hezbollah leadership determines they shall be used. Those sophisticated missiles capable of hitting targets deserving of destruction. Israel in particular. One doesn't suppose that the protesters, much as they detest their tyrant, hate Israel and the Jews any less. So it is of little concern to them what occurs as far as providing weapons to Hezbollah is concerned.

One doesn't imagine that the oppressed and the exploited, the repressed and the brutalized of Syria much care that their country has formed an evil bond with Iran and with North Korea, and as a threesome they represent the potential to foist upon the world the horrors of nuclear annihilation.

Do they know, are they aware that their country has a Scientific Studies and Research Centre located in Damascus?

This is a missile program, a deadly one. Which has provided Hezbollah with advanced Scud D surface-to-surface missiles, and which North Korean technicians have helpfully assembled for them. Capable of carrying one-tonne warheads, accurate to an admirable degree, able to target Israel, Jordan and Turkey. Are Jordan and Turkey concerned? Unlikely. Is Israel? Very likely.

One wonders how the Syrian protesters regard their country's close co-operation and friendship with North Korea, another country that is tormented by a ruthless tyrant who hasn't resorted to shooting at his people, merely starving them instead. Weapons entering the Bekaa Valley from Syria to profit Hezbollah were initiated with the early protests.

There may be some satisfaction to be had in knowing that the vigour and determination of the protests despite the brutal government response has concerned the regime to the extent that it has. That official Syria considers itself somewhat unstable, spurring it to move some very serious military hardware out of the country for safekeeping.

In London, a Syrian embassy official claims to have no knowledge about all these allegations. Everything is calm and normal and there is nothing concerning nor untoward occurring in his country.

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