Monday, July 18, 2011

Unforgivingly Forgiving

The Liberal-left has invested itself in the belief of cultural relativism. And anyone who doesn't agree that background circumstances, culture, heritage all converge to produce a value system that might differ acceptably from what we deem to be universal values of good and bad, is simply bigoted. Without allowing the benefit of the doubt to someone whose values don't comply with what are taken to be society's recognition of the verities of right and wrong, we're doing them a disservice.

How are they to know that what they believe, what has been indoctrinated into them through their cultural instruction, may not conform to what we may think of as a universal value? If one tribe or clan exhibits a visceral hatred for another, that's to be expected because this is a heritage value. If women are seen as inferior to men and their education and life opportunities neglected, this is simply a reflection of cultural norms.

If the way to settle arguments between neighbours resorts to belligerent rhetoric, sometimes elevating to violence, and this is the way that matters were settled in the milieu in which the abusers grew up before migrating to another country, it's not their fault. If racial, ethnic, ideological or religious prejudice follows a new immigrant into an accepting country, they're to be excused because of other social customs elsewhere.

Raucous, bawdy, sexually suggestive 'celebrations' with gyrating, half-nude men and women parading themselves in a loud public parade celebrates Caribbean 'culture'. If other people take offence or feel put out at the noisy intrusion into their own leisure time, they're upbraided as being culturally insensitive. The Caribbean 'culture' of single mothers abandoned by petty-crime gangster fathers is simply another facet of 'culture'.

When a Muslim community imposes its Sharia-based values on the greater community claiming it to be part of their religious inheritance, a hushed acceptance is supposed to settle over and smother the voices of those critical of entitlements handed to this group that are denied others. Criticism that stems as much from a need to point out that no other religion is given permission to present in a secular public school system.

And that with that religion's 'cultural' beliefs comes a belittlement of females, the teaching of young girls that they are not to consider themselves equally entitled to any types of value consideration with males. That this cultural installation runs counter to the social mores of an egalitarian society like Canada's is excused by the Lib-left apologists as cultural entitlement.

In fact, the Lib-left appears to have a questionable attitude about the entire problem of acceptance of cultural exceptionalism. What it does is accept as normal a low standard of public behaviour on the part of those who claim their culture and their experience supports actions and beliefs at odds with those of a democratic liberal society.

It is patronizing and an admission of low expectations from those who practise objectionable cultural values on the part of the hypocritical who espouse acceptance of the indefensible. But in their devotion to their belief that they are being generous and accepting of societally-deleterious values, they debase our own and effectively give permission to barbarians to practise socially adverse customs.

This is not open-mindedness. This is cultural suicide, opening the gates of the fair and just social contract to the ideological, misanthropic, religious, misogynistic practises of those mired by custom and practise in the Middle Ages. This is reverse racism.

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