Sunday, September 06, 2015

Decency Will Devour Itself

"We Hungarians are full of fear. People in Europe are full of fear, because we see that European leaders, among them the prime ministers, are not capable of controlling the situation."
"[Hungary's problem with migrants is really] a German problem. Nobody would like to stay in Hungary. All of them would like to go to Germany."
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

"[Each EU nation should accept] a binding quota [of refugee applicants]."
"Hungary is right when it says that we must protect our external border and we must register refugees and asylum seekers. That is undisputed ... but of course that's not the end of it. There is also an obligation to give protection to those who deserve protection.... The Geneva Convention obliges us to take in refugees from civil wars when they are fleeing from fear, war and horror, and give them protection. Germany is doing no more and no less than this ... and all countries must do this."
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
A UN report has put the number of refugees fleeing Syria at more than a million. Around half are childrenA UN report has put the number of refugees fleeing Syria at more than a million. Around half are children  Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Europe is facing a challenge to its cohesion, its communal agreements, its very status as a confederation of European states sharing the good and the ill that comes its way. The EU nations thought they had a headache with the euro's universality, with the problem of balancing the welfare of the have-not nations unable to balance their budgets and facing financial meltdowns, against the stability of responsible states who live within their national budgets.

Suddenly, their geographic near-proximity through those nations bordering on the Mediterranean have made them the destination of hundreds of thousands of needy and desperate migrants and refugees. Among whom can be the infiltrated presence of terrorists at worst, Islamists perhaps, prepared to further destabilize the continent through their clever manipulation of European law and European sensibilities and sensitivities to the needs of desperate people.

Distinguishing those in legitimate need from those whose malign intentions to further their terrorist aspirations is no task for the weak-minded. That the huge majority of people streaming into Europe with hopes of generous haven are truly in need is beyond dispute. Also beyond dispute is the straining of Europe's capacity to envelop and provide the services that these people are in need of, in their flight from Islamist dysfunctional tyrants and slaughterers.

Many European countries have had their fill of Muslim migrants and immigration to their countries. The culture of the religion is such that it seeks to overwhelm the indigenous culture, values and priorities to replace them with those of Islam, an all-encompassing religion in implacable control of people's live from any perspective, from birth to death. Europeans are less than content with seeing their own culture and heritage slowly being engulfed by that of Islam's.

And this is precisely what is at the root of Islamic theology; the overwhelming need to transform the entire world community into one wholesale worship of the one religion that represents the only and true desire of a god whose presence is undeniable, unlike the gods of all other religions. The faith's critical purpose is to expand and to vanquish all others in its expansion. Now, the perfect storm of Islamic malevolence gone berserk in attacking its own, sending them in waves of desperation abroad becomes the mechanism by which it spreads, like an unstoppable tide.

Hungarians are full of fear, and the world that is thus far free of Islamist tentacles should be suffused with trepidation for the future. How does decent humanity amend the brutal human rights violations of the religion's most visible and threatening representatives whose appetite for atrocities seems unappeasable, while beating back the engulfing tide of Islam?

From the Taliban to Boko Haram, Al Shabaab to Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda to Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas, the PLO to all the feral Bedouin Salafist tribesmen who prowl the Sinai, the Shiite death squads called upon by Iran, the warring sectarian tribes in Libya, in Mali, Somalia and elsewhere, the Islamist jihadis prey on the helpless within Islam and threaten the communities outside Islam.

The question is why is the non-Muslim world agonizing with guilt and helplessness as witness to the gruesome violation of human rights that the world of Islam is imposing on their innocent people who want nothing more than to live their lives decently and with aspirations for the future of their children? If we care so much about the welfare of innocent men, women and children of the Muslim world, why have we over the past four years, allowed a monomaniacal monster like Bashar al-Assad to torture, barrel-bomb and slaughter his own people who dared confront his oppressive government?

Why didn't the Muslim world of the Arab League confront his regime and forcibly if no other means of dealing with him appeared feasible, remove him from the position from which he has continued to unmercifully attack his population of majority Sunni Muslims to the point where he is responsible for the loss of over a quarter million lives and the horrendous displacement of 11 million Syrians, internally and as desperate refugees?

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