Monday, September 28, 2015

No Ambiguities There ....

"The initial [U.S.] aim was to train between five thousand and six thousand fighters, and then twelve thousand more. Only 60 of these fighters have been properly trained, and as few as four or five people actually carry weapons, while the rest of them have deserted with the American weapons [fighters assumed to have joined the Nusra Front]."
"[Assad is a stabilizing force] valiantly fighting terrorism face to face. This is not about Russia's ambitions but about the recognition of the fact that we can no longer tolerate the urgent state of affairs in the world."
Russian President Vladimir Putin, United Nations

"Assad can't be part of Syria's future. He has butchered his own people, he has helped create this conflict, and this migration crisis, he's one of the great recruiting sergeants for ISIL."
British Prime Minister David Cameron

"I think today everyone has accepted that President Assad must remain so that we can combat the terrorists."
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

"The camp [ISIL training camp in eastern Syria] was totally destroyed. We're sure there were no casualties. [French air strikes aim at] protecting our territory, cutting short terrorist actions, acting in legitimate defence."
"France is talking with everyone and excluding no one. [Even while] all concerned parties [must be included in talks] the future of Syria cannot (include) Bashar Assad."
French President Francois Hollande

"We recognize that Iraq has an interest in sharing information on ISIL with other governments in the region who are also fighting ISIL. We do not support the presence of Syrian government officials who are part of a regime that has brutalized its own citizens."
Col. Steve Warren, U.S. spokesman

President Obama chats with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the start of a luncheon for world leaders at the 70th session of the U.N. General Assembly. (European Pressphoto Agency)

Russia and Iran are in the process of legitimizing the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a vital ally in the international battle against the growing menace of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, now occupying one third of the territory of both Iraq and Syria. ISIL has more than adequately earned its stripes as a jihadist terrorist threat not only to the Middle East but beyond, inspiring other Islamist jihadi groups to join forces for a global jihad.

But the fact is that the atrocities mounted by ISIL as gruesomely monumental as they are in their raw barbarity, and the rampages and deadly ISIL attacks on vulnerable minority ethnic and religious groups accounting for thousands of deaths, countless rapes and surging issues of slavery, it is the Syrian regime that is responsible for far more bloodbaths, and for infinitely greater numbers of desperate people fleeing Syrian jet bombers.

The national authorities most resolute in their intention of removing Assad from power are now bending to the inexorable will to exercise authority and power exhibited by Vladimir Putin. In the theatre of the United Nations he explained how misunderstood Moscow's intentions have been by the accusing west which simply has no understanding of regional politics beyond their own.

Russia had merely interrupted an illegal coup and the violent usurpation of authority in Ukraine, nothing more, nothing less. Oh, and restored to itself the temporarily-loaned Crimea.

Russia has no intention, none, none whatever, of placing its troops on the ground in Syria, that must be understood. And nor did Russia ever at any time march Russian troops into Ukraine; another grave misunderstanding. Russia and Iran are interested solely in ensuring that stability returns to Iraq and Iran. To that purpose Baghdad has authorized its military to share "security and Intelligence" with Syria, Russia and Iran, all in the interests of combating ISIL.

The cabal of the Shiite-led campaign for influence and authority is innocent of all designs other than those that lead to peace and good fellowship. And so, because this argument is so intellectually persuasive, Germany and the United States begin to shake their heads in weary assent; the potential of retaining Assad for an agreement to end the four-year slaughter is of paramount importance, as is the defeat of Islamic State.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is prepared to discuss Syria with Moscow. For just as Assad's defences were on the verge of collapse, there was rescue in big bold letters when Russia supplied advanced weaponry and troops -- oops, not troops, scratch that. "Co-ordination" is a requirement at this juncture, stated Stoltenberg to avoid "incident or accident" with the U.S.-led forces fighting ISIL.

But oh, so inadequately, gloats Mr. Putin, who knows of a certainty that he is capable of orchestrating a far more robust offense against the Sunni jihadists with his expert guidance leading the Shiite jihadists to victory.

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