Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rushing Off In All Directions

"We will go in two directions: first one, we will file a charge at the court in Luxembourg ... secondly, we will not implement the [decision] of the interior ministers."
Slovak Prime Miniter Robert Fico

"Those who don't share our values, those who don't even want to respect those principles, need to start asking themselves questions about their place in the European Union."
French President Francois Hollande

"The decision to relocate 160,000 people from the most affected member states is a historic first and a genuine, laudable expression of European solidarity."
"It cannot be the end of the story, however. It is time for further, bold, determined and concerted action by the European Union, by its institutions and by all its member states."
Jean-Claude Juncker, Commission President

"Some people will say today that Europe is divided because the decision was not taken by consensus."
"If we had not done this, Europe would have been even more divided and its credibility would have been even more undermined."
Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg Foreign Minister
"Let's not forget that this is a mixed flow of migrants, not 'Syrian refugees' as the media tends to call them. Only one third of them are Syrians who embark on the perilous journey to their European country of choice from the refugee camps of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. They have already passed several safe countries before reaching Hungary, and the overwhelming majority do not even stop in rich Austria -- some not even in Germany. This is the very dilemma the European Union is struggling to find a good answer to."
Balint Odor, Hungarian Ambassador to Canada
Migrants walk after crossing from Macedonia towards Serbia, near the village of Miratovac to the overcrowded transit camp in Presevo late on September 4, 2015. AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI
Migrants walk after crossing from Macedonia towards Serbia, near the village of Miratovac to the overcrowded transit camp in Presevo late on September 4, 2015. AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKISource:AFP

The European Union interior ministers agreed to proceed with a plan to sprinkle 120,000 asylum seekers from Asia, Africa and the Middle East across Europe. The forcing of reluctant EU member countries to accept policies they view as not being in the best interests of their countries' futures will strain the very solidarity and essence of the European Union. A union of 28 countries that never dreamed their concerns would go beyond the financial rescue of their more improvident members.

But there it is. The European proximity to another continent flush with a religion of violent conquest whose faithful have been oppressed and maltreated, threatened and poverty-stricken, slaughtered and exiled by terrorizing fear, has created the conditions whereby hundreds of thousands of people have taken active measures to separate themselves from their heritage, their lands of birth, their culture and traditions. But not their religion. This transformative ideology and its politics they bear with them.

And this is the issue that confronts Europe. Which could, under other circumstances, convince itself to embrace without reservations people capable of investing themselves with similar values, accept the prevailing laws, adapt to the culture of the indigenous populations, and become stable and reliable citizens with no intention of subverting all that they will not accept in the country that has absorbed them, to offer them a new lease on life.

There are those in Europe who transcribe with a fair degree of accuracy just how the influx of people from Islamic countries have transformed the cultures, the politics, the society which they have infiltrated as immigrants and refugees, and they want no part of it. From the livelier demands on policing to the increased welfare rolls, to the social exceptions where polygamy is practised and their populations will grow increasing numbers of Muslims through natural increase.

An increase which will lead to demographic domination and the final transformation of European countries to Islamic nations. The better European Union suggestion to transfer financial aid to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to aid in easing refugee camp conditions there in the hopes of stemming the tide of refugees looking for more promising territory from which to launch their futures should be extended to offers of political and military involvement in staunching the wounds of the civil war and removing its trenchant cause.

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