Saturday, February 20, 2016

 No Syrian Crisis

"The war in Syria is not a Syrian crisis. It is not even a regional crisis, although the impacts are disproportionately felt here. It is a global humanitarian crisis; an international failing that needs to be addressed coherently and collaboratively."
"Instead, new, innovative solutions are required; solutions that address the reluctance of traditional resettlement countries, as well as the frustrations of traditional host states about unequal and unenforcable burden sharing."
His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal, Jordan
Entering Zaartari Refugee Camp, Jordan (Doug Bandow, 07/07/15)
Nearing Zaartari Refugee Camp, Jordan. (Doug Bandow, 07/07/15)

We have it then, on regal authority that Syria's convoluted, Byzantine conflict where an Arab regime employs the most heinously unforgivable atrocities against its own civilian population to punish them for the sectarian violence that it has itself initiated in response to a civil request by that majority sect for equal treatment to the regime's own sect, that this war in Syria is not a Syrian affair. And nor is it a regional crisis, despite that, understandably, 'the impacts are disproportionately felt' in the region.

How could it be otherwise, when the neighbourhood is comprised of countries whose rulers are despots, tyrants and autocrats in the guise of oil sheiks, monarchs, and ayatollahs who excel in the Medieval art of control, division and isolation, leaving their populations to struggle with an utter lack of liberty, living within human-rights-abusing national enclaves portraying themselves as emerging democracies, Islamic-interpretive-style.

The world was given a lesson on regional conflicts and the absorption of refugees which the broader Middle East community had persuaded Palestinians to reflect on a temporary basis until 'their' geography would be restored to them when a pan-Arab collective of military might destroyed the presence of the nascent Jewish State of Israel. When that failed, the Palestinians who fled the area languished in refugee camps that the international community paid for, through the permanent auspices of UNRWA.                     

But none of the countries that permitted the refugee camps to exist within proffered a permanent place for them, prepared to absorb them as citizens, (with the notable exception of Jordan, since over half of its citizens are Palestinians), preferring to wait until such time as the Jewish state collapsed after one war imposed upon it and then another, all failing to produce the desired result, but leaving the festering wound of Palestinians insistent on returning with all their succeeding generations.

Once again, on the collapse of another 'nation' of Islam, surrounding nations that have the means to absorb the resulting refugees fail to do so, leaving those countries with a conscience to allow temporary camps, hoping that before long the conflict will cease and return to Syria will be possible. And one clever nation has been able to furnish conditions that prompt hundreds of thousands of those refugees to sail the distance from the westernmost shores of Turkey to Europe.

A man from Syria feeds his daughter as asylum seekers line up in Berlin on December 21, 2015. (KAY NIETFELD/AFP/Getty Images)

Enabling His Royal Highness to chastise Europe for insufficiently warmly greeting the flood of over a million haven-seekers and migrants as he deems their humanitarian duty, for, as he says, the burden must be shared. Not that the conditions and the situation that bred and led to the sectarian violence and the refugees must be solved, since that is obviously a task beyond the willingness and evident capacity of Islam to solve, though Islam has been the cause.

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